The Real Message Behind my Homemade Equipment

Homemade Training Equipment

Anyone who knows this site has likely seen me train with homemade equipment. I was posting articles and videos about homemade gear before YouTube even existed. Now, many years later, I still demonstrate several low-tech options. For instance, I recently shared a short compilation of homemade tools that I’ve used over the years. And that particular video has brought loads of new traffic to the site. With that in mind, I believe it’s worth clarifying that although I’ve had success with homemade gear, I don’t post those videos with hopes that everyone will rush to the hardware store to build the same tools. There’s a more important message that I’d like to convey.

Homemade Equipment Compilation

First, you’ll find the short compilation below. Long time readers of the site have likely seen much of the gear. Don’t expect anything fancy, but I will attest to the effectiveness of everything you’ll see.

The Message

As a professional boxing coach, I am not opposed to purchasing and using commercial equipment. I would never shortchange an athlete just to say we only use homemade gear. My focus is singular in that we will use whatever puts us in the best position to excel. It just so happens that much of the supplemental work that we perform (outside the ring) is relatively low-tech.

So, what’s the message behind me and my athletes training in a low-tech environment? The answer is simple. Don’t be fooled to believe that you need anything fancy to improve. If world class athletes can excel without a state-of-the-art facility, you can too. Intangibles such as effort and discipline will always be more valuable than even the most extravagant equipment and facilities.

Part Two

Furthermore, even if there are tools that you’d like to purchase (but perhaps cannot currently afford), there’s still plenty that can be done without them. Never let your inability to do everything you’d like to stop you from doing anything. In other words, rather than worrying about what you don’t have make the most of whatever is in front of you. I’m a firm believer that there’s always someone out there doing more despite having less. Use that assumption to fuel your own fire.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to what you might believe, I’ve never been a fan of making homemade equipment. I don’t enjoy the process. There have been times though when what I envisioned or wanted wasn’t available commercially. When that happens, I apply a problem-solving approach and try to devise my own solution. And while there’s usually plenty of cursing that comes with that approach, I typically end up with something that works. It’s usually crude and everything but visually appealing, but it gets the job done.

And speaking as a coach, getting the job done is all that matters. It’s a result driven business. We don’t get extra credit for style and flash. No one cares what methods are used. All that’s remembered are the results you produce.

So far, so good.


“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett


  1. Fancy equipment usually winds up for sale on E-Bay with this caveat “great condition” ( Maybe not the same is true for the seller though ) Lol

  2. I don’t usually comment on blogs, but that was a great post. As a HIT studio owner, I love my gear and the tech I have, however more often than not, that gear becomes a crutch for the client (I traveled for 2 weeks, and didn’t have access to MedX, ARX etc… so I didn’t train is a common excuse). For the Coach, Trainer, the commercial gear can stifle their own creativity, and ability to come up with joint friendly/biomechanically safe exercises that are not the tech they’re used to or have available.

  3. after years spent in gyms , dojos,practice fields etc. my advanced age (67 yrs. ) seems to have brought me some wisdom……..duffle bag filled with 100 lbs of sand carried at the park and mixed in with pushups and bag rows…. emphasis on gripping the bag material. liberal use of iso holds and slow motion reps..are used on several days then farmers walks with ammo cans filled up to 90 plus pounds a can alternated with stretch band high rep complexes and ….of course pushup variations and tons of pulling! the most expensive piece of equipment i own is a 55 lb kettlebell…all else cost well under about 60 dollars!!! my old gym was $35 bucks a month and i get more quality work done with the diy stuff! great info ross! keep spreading the grind style news!!!

  4. Hi Ross,

    Been a fan of your content and yourself for sometime now, I had bookmarked your Homemade Equipment List on my browser sometime ago, when i click it it says the forum section of your website does not exist.

    Did you move that content somewhere else?

    Keep up the good work
    Stay Safe

    1. @Tom – Unfortunately, I had to shut the forum down. I haven’t had the time or resources to continue managing it, and the hosting fees were continuing to rise. I would like to recreate much of the list as a blog entry. I will try to get something like that up in the next few weeks. I am also considering creating a Facebook group to go along with my Facebook page to serve as somewhat of a new message board.

      1. Thanks for the response Ross,

        I’ll be looking forward to the blogs and Facebook page.

        Take care,

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