Fijian Rugby Players Training

Fijian Rugby Players Training

In my last entry, I highlighted the potential of resourcefulness. As seen before, one man created a gym on a beach with nothing but old scrap materials. Today, we will look at something similar in terms of resources, but unique in terms of purpose. The men seen below aren’t training casually for fitness. Instead, they are Fijian rugby players preparing to compete with what many would consider primitive equipment and facilities.

Hard Work is Free

Don’t be fooled by the lack of technology however. These athletes understand that hard work is free and available to everyone. The price tag on a flashy piece of equipment has no bearing on how hard an athlete will work with it. Intangible qualities such as effort, desire, and determination are up to the individual, not the equipment manufacturer.

And it’s those intangible qualities that matter more than anything. An athlete who is willing to give everything he has will never be limited by what some perceive as a lack of equipment. Instead, a dedicated athlete will find ways to work with whatever is available to him. Necessity is the mother of resourcefulness. The Fijian rugby players above offer perhaps the perfect example. Their national team captured a gold medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I’m not suggesting that everyone abandons their gym memberships to train like the Fijian rugby team. The real message that I hope to convey is the significance of intangible qualities such as effort and desire. Those who want something bad enough will always find a way rather than an excuse. Never allow a self-perceived lack of equipment or resources to stop you from pursuing your dreams. Regardless of what you have, there’s always enough to get started.

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“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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