Hand-Eye Coordination + Fatigue

Hand-Eye Coordination - Juggling

Over the years, I’ve shared many articles related to jump rope training and hand-eye coordination development. What I haven’t done though is discuss these two types of training together. When I’ve written about rope training, the sole focus has been the jump rope. The same can be said of the hand-eye coordination drills that I’ve demonstrated before. With that in mind, I’ll shift gears with this entry by discussing a drill that integrates the jump rope with a hand-eye coordination activity. 

Success is not an Accident – Stephen Curry

As a coach, I’m always looking to get more out of my athletes. I constantly stress the fact that working hard with me is not enough. Great athletes don’t limit their efforts to designated practices or training schedules. They take their craft home with them and do more than is expected. In other words, it […]

Carry Over Between Odd Objects and Weights – Part 1

(Part 2 can be found here) It is no secret that I am a big fan of heavy odd objects. Whether it is a stone, log, or sandbag, I enjoy the challenge that comes from lifting awkward objects that were never intended for exercise. As I’ve mentioned before, odd object training develops a type of […]