Joe Rogan on Health and Fitness

In the video below, you will hear Joe Rogan share a few thoughts about living a healthy and active life. If you are listening in public, be aware that there is foul language included. The overall message is certainly legitimate though and worthy of a listen.

It is always refreshing to hear someone as prominent as Joe Rogan speak bluntly about the benefits of health and fitness. He doesn’t hold anything back and is obviously passionate about human betterment. I strongly agree with his message and believe many people would benefit by following his advice.

Body and Mind

What I enjoyed most about this video was how Rogan emphasized the relationship between the body and mind. He isn’t just telling people to exercise so that they can become stronger and feel better about how they look. More importantly, he stresses the crucial link between exercise and mental state. For instance, he shares his own observations regarding emotional well-being. He then continues (around 2:40) by stating how he personally thinks and feels better when eating healthy.

I can fully relate to his observations and experiences. My best days are always days that begin with exercise. I think, feel, and act better after a brisk workout. It does not matter how I feel before, I always feel better after I’ve challenged myself physically. I’m never more than one workout away from a better mood.

Most people who exercise share similar feelings. You will be hard pressed to find a group of fitness enthusiasts who don’t feel better about themselves (physically and mentally) after exercising. Perhaps we all take it for granted, at least to an extent. I strongly believe that more people would exercise if they were aware of the mental benefits that follow.

Unfortunately, some sedentary people fail to appreciate the link between body and mind. I’ve even had so-called scholars criticize me for training as hard as I do. For instance, one person recently suggested that I put down the barbell and pick up a book. This comment was made with the false assumption that someone who exercises his body fails to exercise his mind. It does not work that way. Throughout my life, I have never been forced to choose between exercise and scholarly learning. I strongly believe that the two go hand in hand and can actually benefit each other.

In summary, every person has the right to live their life however they want. No one should ever be shamed or forced into an exercise program. With that said, there is no legitimate argument against regularly challenging the body and mind. I truly believe that it is tragic to pass through life without striving to improve physically and mentally. Life is so much more rewarding when the body and mind grow together.

Hats off to Joe Rogan for doing his part to spread the message.

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