The Key To Success? Grit

Hill Sprints - Ross Enamait

One of the biggest mistakes that a coach can make is to focus solely on the physical development of their athletes. Success in most sports depends on much more than raw athletic ability. I’m certainly not the only coach who has seen athletes with natural talent who never made it to the top. I’m also not the only coach who has seen athletes with lesser ability who defied the odds and achieved more than anyone could have ever guessed. The natural question therefore is what leads some athletes to failure, yet others to success.

Prioritizing Your Health Is Not Selfish

If you’re familiar with my material, you’ve certainly seen me highlight the potential of low-tech workouts that can be performed almost anywhere. I’m a big believer in training wherever you are with whatever you have. Yet, I don’t promote this message because of ill feelings towards any particular gym or establishment. I have nothing against […]

Inside The Cuban Weight Room – Cary Kolat

I’ve been known to exercise in unconventional ways with tools that were not intended for exercise. I enjoy going against the grain and making the most of whatever is around me. Whether I’m performing rollouts with a lawnmower or skipping rope in the kitchen, I’m confident that I can exercise anywhere with anything. Success does […]