Still Rolling, Still Evolving

Pushup Ab Rollout Combination

Over the years, I’ve often highlighted the importance of consistency. I never stray too far from the exercises that have benefited me the most. I’m not about to abandon a valuable movement just to say that I’ve included some variety. On the contrary, I enjoy a more subtle approach. I’d rather vary how I perform a useful exercise instead of constantly seeking out new movements.

One exercise that I’ve often used to highlight my approach to variety are rollouts with an ab wheel. If you are familiar with my work, you have likely seen several rollout variations. Yet, after over 20 years of working with an ab wheel, I’m still uncovering different ways to perform the exercise. And while that might seem irrelevant to you, I believe there’s an important lesson to discuss. In short, it’s never too late to uncover new ways to improve.

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