Low-Tech High-Effect Still in Effect

Low-tech training - Ross Enamait

In recent weeks, I’ve demoed a few low-tech exercise flows with simple tools such as furniture sliders and a wooden dolly. Following those demonstrations, my inbox has filled with questions about where to acquire such equipment. Yet, while I can easily provide Amazon links to¬†furniture sliders or any other tool, that’s not why I filmed these exercises. My low-tech demonstrations aren’t about what you need, but rather a reminder of what you don’t need. With a little creativity, you can train almost anywhere with almost anything.

Back from Boston with Another Victory

I’m happy to report that I’m back from a recent trip to Boston where Katie Taylor and I came away with another impressive victory, improving her professional record to 11-0. Katie retained her two world titles with a dominant, shutout performance over former world champion Cindy Serrano. Katie was in complete control from the first […]