Regret is Poison – Gary Vaynerchuk

No Regrets

It was just last year when I first heard of Gary Vaynerchuk. At the time, I shared one of his videos when discussing some of the parallels between business and training. Since that entry, I have really come to enjoy the message that he preaches. Although his work is primarily directed towards entrepreneurs, I’ve found much of what he says applicable to my own training and coaching. For instance, we share many of the same beliefs regarding the importance of hard work, patience, and living without regrets. One brief, yet powerful example can be seen in the video that follows.

Athletic Development – Beyond Strength and Endurance

In a recent entry, I stated that we currently live in what I describe as the strength and conditioning era. Young athletes have never spent so much time working to develop strength, power, and endurance. Unfortunately, the extra time directed towards these attributes often comes at the expense of other physical qualities. Speaking as a […]