Inside The Cuban Weight Room – Cary Kolat

Cuban Wrestling Weight Room

I’ve been known to exercise in unconventional ways with tools that were not intended for exercise. I enjoy going against the grain and making the most of whatever is around me. Whether I’m performing rollouts with a lawnmower or skipping rope in the kitchen, I’m confident that I can exercise anywhere with anything. Success does not depend on the tools that you own, but rather what you are willing to do with whatever is around you. Yet, while I’ve preached this message for many years, there will always be those who believe the simple approach does not extend beyond recreational fitness. Therefore, I am always eager to share success stories of other athletes who have thrived with a low-tech approach. Today’s example comes from former Olympian wrestler Cary Kolat as he describes a recent trip to the Cuba.

Warming Up With Juggling For Hand-Eye Coordination

Earlier this week, I posted a short video to Instagram where I demonstrated a warm-up that combined juggling with bodyweight squats. After posting the video, I received a variety of questions about the exercise. Based on the volume of inquiries, I will use this entry to quickly summarize what I consider to be an effective […]