It’s Worth it, Even When Nothing is Guaranteed

It's the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee

If you’ve ever spent time training with me, it’s all but guaranteed that you have heard me preach about the importance of hard work and dedication. I talk about these qualities so often that I probably sound like a broken record. My ramblings about hard work and dedication aren’t by accident though. I don’t repeat myself because I have forgotten that I’ve already discussed something. I repeat myself because these topics are so important to me. Hard work and dedication are qualities that can’t be discussed enough.

With that in mind, I will use this entry to discuss an aspect of the grind that is often ignored.

Inspiration from Helen Maroulis

Last month I watched Helen Maroulis become the first US woman to capture an Olympic gold medal in women’s freestyle wrestling. Maroulis pulled off an incredible upset by soundly defeating Japan’s Saori Yoshida. Yoshida arrived in Rio as the most decorated athlete in freestyle wrestling history. She had already won three Olympic gold medals and […]