Enduring the Suck on the Road to Success

Mountain Running

Anyone who has spent time training with me has experienced their share of steep, mountainous runs. I’ve been taking athletes out to run mountains and hills for as long as I can remember. Such runs are both physically and mentally taxing. I can learn a lot about an athlete by just observing how they respond to the challenge. For example, I’ll quickly see what kind of shape they are in and how they deal with adversity. As a coach, that’s priceless feedback.

There’s one particular road that my athletes know as The Mountain. I’ve never seen anyone get excited about running it. It’s a long, steep road that’s filled with suck. There’s nothing enjoyable about running the mountain. It’s one of those runs where you just can’t wait to be finished. And when you do finally reach the top, profanities usually pour from the mouth. It’s a good thing that the mountain doesn’t have ears as it’s been called every word in the book.

Inspiration from Helen Maroulis

Last month I watched Helen Maroulis become the first US woman to capture an Olympic gold medal in women’s freestyle wrestling. Maroulis pulled off an incredible upset by soundly defeating Japan’s Saori Yoshida. Yoshida arrived in Rio as the most decorated athlete in freestyle wrestling history. She had already won three Olympic gold medals and […]

Athletic Development – Beyond Strength and Endurance

In a recent entry, I stated that we currently live in what I describe as the strength and conditioning era. Young athletes have never spent so much time working to develop strength, power, and endurance. Unfortunately, the extra time directed towards these attributes often comes at the expense of other physical qualities. Speaking as a […]