Common Sense Nutrition

Donut Hamburgers

I am often asked about diet and nutrition, but never have anything overly exciting to say. I’ve eaten the same way for many, many years. I follow what I consider to be a common sense approach. The bulk of my intake comes from items that once flew, grew, swam, or walked. I limit my intake of processed/man-made junk, but I’m not afraid to occasionally enjoy myself either. I eat when I’m hungry and don’t count calories or nutrient ratios. Instead, I strive for fairly balanced meals. If I want to bulk, I’ll eat more. If I want to cut, I’ll eat less. That’s my dietary plan in a nutshell.

Something Beats Nothing

I recently shared some tips about training around a busy schedule. Within that entry, I stressed the idea that doing something is better than nothing. Unfortunately, while few would argue against this statement, it appears that many readers are struggling to accept and embrace the concept. I’ve received numerous emails from individuals who are frustrated […]