Still Training with Furniture Sliders

Training with Furniture Sliders

It was almost 10 years ago when I first demonstrated how an inexpensive pair of furniture sliders could be used as an effective exercise tool. Long time readers of the site may remember that old YouTube video. It was just me, a low-resolution camcorder, and a 4-pack of sliders that cost around $10. Looking back, plenty has changed since that video, but one thing that remains the same are my sliders. I still own the same set and they still work as good as new.

A Day in the Life – Lighter Training Day

As I’ve mentioned before, successful training requires more than repeated intensity. If you constantly run yourself into the ground, it’s only a matter of time before your body pays the price. Speaking as an active member of the 40+ crowd, I believe it is essential to include lighter days to facilitate recovery and prevent burnout. […]

Low-Tech High-Effect Still in Effect

In recent weeks, I’ve demoed a few low-tech exercise flows with simple tools such as furniture sliders and a wooden dolly. Following those demonstrations, my inbox has filled with questions about where to acquire such equipment. Yet, while I can easily provide Amazon links to¬†furniture sliders or any other tool, that’s not why I filmed […]

Back from Boston with Another Victory

I’m happy to report that I’m back from a recent trip to Boston where Katie Taylor and I came away with another impressive victory, improving her professional record to 11-0. Katie retained her two world titles with a dominant, shutout performance over former world champion Cindy Serrano. Katie was in complete control from the first […]