Fatherhood Does NOT Make You Fat


It’s been a few months since Clemson student Mackenzie Pearson wrote a brief essay explaining the dad bod and its so-called appeal. Soon after, social media jumped all over the phrase as it quickly went viral. At the time, I never paid too much attention to the dad bod craze. Everything changed last week however after seeing several media outlets report that it’s been scientifically proven that fatherhood led to fatness. Apparently, science skipped over this father of two children.

More Reps vs. More Difficulty – A Grip Based Example

One of the common differences between lifting weights and performing bodyweight exercise is how the average person chooses to progress. Most people who lift weights do so with the goal of lifting more weight. For example, if you can bench 225 pounds (2 plates), there’s a good chance that you someday hope to bench 315 […]

Get It In Anywhere – Anthony “iNatural” Alderman

I’ve been known to lift stones and logs, perform pull-ups from trees, and run hills in the woods. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve also featured several like-minded individuals. Yesterday’s entry is a prime example. The footage from that story is some of the best I’ve seen. Unfortunately, not everyone has access […]