Lighters Days vs. Complete Rest

Lighter Training Day

In a recent entry, I stated that it’s rare for me to not perform some type of exercise on any given day. Following that statement, I received several questions from people asking if or why I’m against complete rest. Many seem to believe that we all need at least one rest day per week to facilitate recovery. Personally, my own experience tells me otherwise. That doesn’t mean I’m opposed to complete rest however. I’ve simply found what works best for my body and encourage everyone else to do the same.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Gym

Throughout this blog’s history, I’ve shared several homemade exercise ideas, but nothing compares to what’s showcased in the video below. Take a look at what Alcindo Soares has done on a beach in Santa Maria, Cape Verde. There’s really no words to describe the level of awesomeness. Alcindo’s homemade gym is honestly one of the […]