Low-Tech Power Training

Low-tech power training

Earlier this year, a magazine editor contacted me hoping that I would contribute to an article by naming my favorite exercise tool. As mentioned before, I responded to the question by describing a pair of homemade wheels that I use for core training. Unfortunately, the magazine wasn’t interested in my homemade tools so my old wheels didn’t get any press.

Six months later, I received an almost identical request from another online magazine. This time I was asked to share some valuable power training exercises. Sticking to form, I replied by describing a few low-tech tools that I’ve had success with over the years. To no surprise, the magazine wasn’t interested in my ideas and requested something that was “more mainstream” for their target audience. I didn’t bother replying as I’ve always prioritized results over popularity. The tools that you’ll see below have always produced results. Therefore, I won’t lose sleep over the fact that they aren’t considered mainstream enough for an online magazine.