Founded by professional boxing coach Ross Enamait, RossTraining.com is dedicated to excellence and innovations in high performance conditioning, strength, and athletic development. The goal with this site is to provide a content rich resource to assist with your development.

As a long time trainer and coach, I have dedicated my life to the development and improvement of athletes. I’ve been in business for over 20 years and have helped numerous athletes succeed at the world class level. Training is not a hobby or part time job to me. It is my career and obsession.


Throughout my time as a trainer and coach, it has become clear that what works for one athlete may be entirely different from what works for another. Athletes are not robots or machines. Each athlete has a unique engine with unique needs.

Successful training is all about finding what works for you. Thus, there will never be a “do it my way or else” tone here, as such an approach goes against everything that I believe in. Instead, I’ll strive to help you find your way by providing sound, real world tested and research supported advice

Boxing Coach Ross Enamait

As a coach, I design training programs to assist unique athletes with unique needs. For instance, a powerlifter has different needs than a 400 meter sprinter, just as a boxer has different needs than a football player. No single system can satisfy the requirements of so many unique athletes. Even athletes from the same sport will often engage in different methods. For example, two boxers may possess entirely different styles and temperaments, thus require entirely different approaches to training.

Once again, my goal with this site is to help you find your way.

Lead By Example

I also believe it is imperative that we all practice what we preach. I am all for simplicity in terms of training, modalities, and programming. I don’t just write about these topics though. My time is spent offline in the gym with real athletes, experimenting with various protocols, and constantly researching new ideas and methodologies.

To put it bluntly, I only write about topics that I’m experienced in and believe in. I don’t write for the sake or writing.

Participate and Interact

As a young athlete, I was fortunate to work with several influential trainers and mentors. Now many years later, I coach athletes for a living. I’d never be where I am today without the help of those referenced in the link above. I was fortunate to be surrounded by top level athletes and trainers. Looking back, I realize how lucky I was to be around these individuals. It is my hope that I can serve a similar role to the athletes that I train. I do realize however that the world is much larger than my small gym. With that in mind, I hope to serve as a positive influence and educator to those who find this site.

In summary, I always welcome your questions and feedback. The value of this site is largely a result of the interactive community that has developed over the years. It is my hope that we can all continue to learn, evolve, and improve together.