Standing Rollouts at age 71

Below is a video of 71 year old John Maulkin performing 15 standing rollouts with an abdominal wheel.

Standing rollouts are a challenging movement that elude many exercise enthusiasts. It is rare that one can perform multiple reps from the standing position without training specifically for the exercise. Although clearly an example of a strength based core movement, this exercise also requires strength endurance based on the time required to perform multiple repetitions. In the video above, John takes almost two minutes to perform 15 reps. Maintaining the required tension for this amount of time requires a mix of core strength and endurance.

Fifteen reps is impressive for anyone, but at age 71 it becomes even more inspiring. It isn’t every day that you find a 71 year old man capable of such a feat. Hats off to John and thanks for inspiring many who are likely half your age.

For those interested in progressing from a kneeling to standing rollout, take a look at the link below for one useful option:



  1. I remember when I was able to do my first standing ab rollout earlier this year. Tough exercise, requires a lot of patience and hard work.

    Hats off to John.

  2. That 71 year old guy puts me to shame last time i did some rollouts i had to do them against a wall and then i only did about 10 at 46 yars of age, will have to start doing them again and improve.

  3. Cheers for that link ari. As it says in the description, the results of thirty years of hard work (& cod liver oil!); I dont thik being close to nature has anything to do with it Carpio.
    Give his accent, he’s from north england somewhere so its unlikely he’s seen much sun in his lifetime ( trust me 🙁 ), it certainly isnt the “secret” to his vitality.
    Hard work. Consistency.

  4. Awe inspiring. Most 30 year old people I know can’t touch their toes let alone do one roll out on their knees.
    Makes me realise ive got work to do and not use age as a barrier or excuse.

  5. Hi Ross, Just to say thank you for all the very kind comments. I am doing a sponsered hour of pushups on the 2nd of June, its to go towards buying a prosetic arm for a five year old boy who had it ripped out in a bakery machine

  6. Amazing and very motivational. Thanks for posting this Ross. John has a lot to be proud of in his achievements.
    Love your site!

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