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Below is a link to an updated Tabata interval timer that can be freely downloaded. The creator of this program first emailed me a link to his application in 2007. It has been revised several times since then hence the reason for this updated entry.

For those interested in timers that are not specific to the Tabata protocol, the link below (first posted here in 2009) may be worth a look. There are four timers included within.

4 free timers available for download



  1. I found a good one for the iphone as well called “Tabata Lite” Free and very basic – all you need. Ross Rocks!

  2. Thx for posting on the topic of online timers. Nice work, Thrasheri 🙂 Very nice looking interface.

    Without trying to divert any interest in Thrasheri’s offering, here is a link to another Tabata timer (I have no affiliation to this or any other timer):

    It’s free, configurable, and available to download as well.

    Take care and thx again for the effort Ross and Thrasheri!

  3. This is very good. There are also some very good apple and android apps out there, there best I have used is Tabata Pro on the iphone/ipod/ipad. It cost very little, much less than a gymboss for example and it has the added bonus of being able to listen to music whilst it works. probably the best Tabata/Interval timer I have seen.

  4. Good stuff, now we just need a programmable ‘random beep’ type timer and we’re away :0)

    Thrasheri – good work mate!

  5. i added beeping to the downloadable version. Im working on a free mobile version as well, but it will take some time. Thanks for the positive feedback!

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