Kai Greene – A Day In The Life

The video below is an hour long documentary about professional bodybuilder Kai Greene. Those familiar with this blog may recall seeing him in a previous entry. When I first heard Kai speak in 2010, I immediately connected with his thoughts regarding rage as it pertains to training.

Those who enjoyed the first video will likely enjoy this full documentary as well. I certainly enjoyed listening to him speak, and I say that as someone with absolutely no interest in bodybuilding.

I’m a big believer in the idea that we can often learn from those who excel in their given profession. I don’t need to be a bodybuilder to listen and learn from someone like Kai. We clearly do things differently as our goals are unique, but I’m still open to see how he prepares himself physically and mentally.

I often see bodybuilders knocked for steroid use, but the critics who make such comments forget that there athletes in all sports who are guilty of drug use. I’m not here to debate whether bodybuilders use drugs, but rather to openly listen to a man who clearly stands outs from his peers. Kai Greene overcame an early life of poverty to become one of the most dominant bodybuilders in the world. Success didn’t fall into his lap. He’s worked extremely hard and intelligently to get where he is.

When someone in his position speaks, it is usually a good idea to listen.


“Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” – Bruce Lee


  1. Although I really don’t like the direction that bodybuilding has taken the last couple of decades, this guy is a very interesting character and I’ve watched several videos of him. Very intense and focused individual, watching his training sessions on Youtube are certainly inspiring. Strong as a bear but he isn’t a slave to the weight and often uses very modest poundages in his workouts. He seems like a guy who would be interesting to just sit down and talk with about various things and not just bodybuilding, very articulate and introspective which certainly is refreshing contrasted to the false “meathead” stereotype of bodybuilders and weightlifters. I’m sure with his intelligence and drive this guy would have been a success in whatever endeavor he chose. Class act.

  2. I’ve seen this before.it’s great isent it.I like the way kai doesn’t portray himself as a rich,fast car driving,luxury mansion living superstar but just as a hardworking athlete who shows exactly what is needed to reach the top.his views,although to some controversial are in no doubt interesting and that’s why all athletes should watch this video

  3. I love that he emphasizes it’s the discipline of keeping up the mundane, small, unglamorous, day to day things that make the difference between a champion and your regular muscular guy going to the gym.

  4. What an intelligent and articulate guy. I’m not a bodybuilder but I’ve learned a tremendous amount from watching this video. Thanks Ross

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