Focus On Results

Focus On Results

One of the problems with the training/fitness industry is the false assumption that successful trainers must constantly create or apply new methods. As a result, many trainers often find themselves grasping at straws to devise new methods in hopes of standing out from the crowd. The downstream effect is that more and more exercises are being created than ever before. Unfortunately, many of these movements have been created for no other reason than to make something up. Usefulness is no longer the primary objective.

Stand Out With Results

As a coach or trainer, it’s a huge mistake to believe that you must be different to succeed. In the video below, I expand on this topic by using my own business as the example. As discussed within, I’ve never tried to be different. I am who I am and my primary focus will never sway. I’m always focused on results.

Although I’m speaking as a coach, I believe that the greatest lesson to be learned is more relevant to athletes. I’ve been training athletes for 15 years in a low-tech facility. If I can develop pro athletes in a garage gym, don’t be fooled to believe that you need a state of the art facility or high-end equipment to succeed. Where you train isn’t what’s going to make you. It’s what you do and how you do it that matters the most.

In summary, if I had to be flashy or different to succeed, I would have failed a long time ago. I’m thankful that I found a business where I could be myself and focus solely on getting the job done. I don’t need to differentiate myself by reinventing the wheel. I’d rather stand out by producing results that are impossible to deny.

Results never go out of style.


“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.” – Michael Jordan


  1. Ross, the equipment might be low-tech, but the results and methods are anything but! I’ve been following your site for years, been a customer (ebooks), and used your approach. Rocks, battling ropes, kettlebells, sandbags, boxing bag, sprints etc. etc., have all been worked in. Once you mix up so many parts, the machine becomes more complicated and well, higher tech!

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