Tutorial Playlist

Following a recent video tutorial, I received three messages through Facebook from people who were surprised to finally hear my voice. It appears that many are still not aware of the video tutorials that I have been posting all year.

For your convenience, I have compiled all of the video tutorials within a Youtube playlist. You can access the full playlist at the link below. Currently (as of June 6th), there are 14 tutorials totaling over 90 minutes of footage.


You can also watch each video through the embedded player below. The arrows on each side of the player can be used to navigate from one video to the next.

These links will remain valid as I continue to add videos to the playlist. I hope to compile several more hours of footage as the year unfolds.


  1. I got 4 for 10 bucks @ home depot, in Toronto…..quite the deal. they work amazing with my rings…..skys the limit with these badboyz!

  2. Ross,
    I just want to say thanks for everything you do at a fitness standpoint. Your knowledge and expertise in the field is excellent. I also appreciate the low tech high effect approach you have in regards to tools for training. I’ve been a big follower of yours for years now.

    Thanks again…Great blog!!


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