Infinite Intensity

Infinite Intensity - By Ross Enamait

Infinite Intensity will change the way athletes approach training. This program integrates a lifetime of in the trenches experience, coupled with years of extensive research.

Don’t expect a picture book filled with secret exercises or bogus promises. There is nothing new under the sun. This 250 page manual will outline a complete system, from A to Z, covering all aspects of physical training.

The philosophy behind this program is simple. If it works, we will use it. This program is not limited to one training style (ex. bodyweight exercise vs. weight training). This manual incorporates the best of both worlds.

A sample 50 day routine is provided which applies the principles detailed throughout the manual.

“I am a 3rd degree black belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and have been involved with Jujutsu, wrestling, and other arts for years. I have many of your products and wanted you to know I think they are top notch.

The info is straight forward, easy to understand and most importantly effective…”

Captain Jeff Decker


“I’m incredibly impressed with your Infinite Intensity program. Usually I have to pace myself from the get-go in order to last 5 or 6 rounds. Tonight we were sparring and I was able to push the pace for entire 3 minute rounds, I found I actually had to hold back by the 5th round, because my training partners were running out of gas…

Thanks again, your program is creating a monster!”

Brendon Katz


“I purchased your two training books, Infinite Intensity and Never Gymless. I have to say that they are the best books that I’ve read. I am a Mixed Martial Artiest and teach MMA, along with competing in many different competitions. You have taken everything that I have been thinking, did the research, and put it into an awesome book.

I cannot explain enough how much these books have helped my training…”

Don Kaecher – Personal Training Tactics


“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a wonderful training program. I used to box professionally and now I am a State Trooper in West Virginia and a Member of the SRT (SWAT) Team. Myself and several other Troopers have been training on your program from Infinite Intensity. I have always trained hard but now I have realized that I’ve been training the wrong way. This training is outstanding.

You have made me and my teammates safer at what we do, and for this I thank you.”

Ron Arthur


Topics Include

  • Dumbbell training for power and strength
  • Advanced bodyweight exercises
  • Isometrics
  • Weighted and bodyweight core movements
  • Low budget options for homemade training equipment
  • Heavy bag drills for enhanced punching power
  • Conditioning drills to enhance each energy system
  • An analysis of periodization for combat athletes
  • Research from world renowned sports scientists
  • Commonly neglected areas such as the hands and neck
  • A 50 day training program
  • And much, much more…

This program is packed with 250 pages of pure content and is available for instant download.

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