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Home workouts

Amid the recent COVID-19 outbreak, I’ve shared some home exercise videos to social media over the past few days. As long time readers will attest, I’ve been an advocate of home-based/low-tech workouts for the past 20+ years. With that in mind, I’m happy to share what’s worked well for me. Two examples include resistance bands and furniture sliders. Both are relatively inexpensive and quite useful for home training and/or when traveling.

Resistance Band Training

First, you’ll find a video demonstration of several resistance band exercises. Throughout the video, I am using 41-inch bands from Iron Woody Fitness. I’ve had the same set of bands for many years and haven’t had any problems. There are other reputable suppliers though so be sure to shop around. For example, a quick search of Amazon will provide additional options (ex. Serious Steel). I wouldn’t expect to find too much of a difference between the more popular brands.

As for the handle used within the video, it’s a homemade tool that I first discussed in 2011 (see here). I also use 2-inch PVC pipe for seated rows and tricep pushdowns.

Furniture Slider Training

Furniture sliders are yet another inexpensive option for home training. I’ve used the same pair for over 10 years. The sliders are intended to be used on carpet and are 9-1/2 by 5-3/4 inches. They can be purchased at most hardware stores or via Amazon (see here).

To increase the speed of the sliders, add a few drops of a water glass repellent such as Rain-X. Working from a thin carpet is also preferable. Thicker carpets will reduce the speed of the sliders. Personally, I keep a thin strip of carpet in my garage solely for the sliders. I keep it rolled up when not in use, and lay it down whenever performing a slider exercise.

Final Thoughts

In summary, this is just a brief entry to answer some of the questions that I’ve seen on social media over the past few days. If you have any additional questions about bands, sliders, or any other home-based exercise or routine, feel free to shoot me an email or comment below. I am happy to assist, particularly during these uncertain times.

Stay strong and stay safe.

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  1. What song is that in your first video?

    I regret getting rid of my homegym and moving across the country right before COVID-19 erupted, but I have some bands on the way (1+ month shipping estimate, though).

    1. DMX Already is the instrumental used in the band video.

      As for home gyms, bodyweight exercise is always convenient and can be made as difficult as need be.

      Best of luck with everything and stay safe.


  2. I find it difficult to keep my core engaged when doing the mountain climber/side obliques combo, is there any advice on how to keep the abs tight so I can properly work them?

  3. Hey Ross I’m trying to start a bodyweight and some resistant bands training, how many rep’s and sets would you recommend? The heavy weight duty bodyweight training is popular right now, by drew baye and others, they recommend 1 all out set once a week, they say it takes 4 to 7 day’s to recuperate? What’s your thoughts on this?

    1. There isn’t a short answer to rep range as there are countless options. What you’ve described isn’t something I use though (aka HIT style). Once again though, it’s best to learn more about the various rep ranges and what they are suited for so you can make educated decisions based on your own immediate goals/interests.

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