Momentum – My Strengths and Struggles


In a recent entry, I stated that consistency is my greatest weapon. There’s nothing fancy about how I train, but I don’t miss days. Thus, I’m never forced to start over and regain momentum. And momentum is powerful. I know what it’s like to have (from a training standpoint), but I also know what it’s like to lose in other areas. So, within this entry, I’ll share my strengths and struggles regarding the beast that I call momentum.


For our purposes, we can define momentum as strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events.

And it’s this simple definition that highlights the importance of starting. Just get up and go. Because action, motion, and forward progress create momentum.

Conversely, there’s no chance to build momentum if we are lost in paralysis by analysis. In other words, don’t overthink things. Regardless of your goals, you don’t need to have all the answers before starting. Often times, the best thing to do is to take a step forward.

Initially, you may not know where you’re going, but as the forward steps accumulate, so does your momentum. And it’s that momentum that allows you to learn by doing. You suddenly find a path, new ideas arise, and now you’re making progress.

My Strengths

When we think of momentum as strength or force gained by motion, that essentially summarizes my training. I am far from perfect, but one thing I am is consistent. Regardless of how I feel, I get up and go. I always do something.

As I’ve said before, something beats nothing. I am living proof. I don’t follow any fancy routines. On the contrary, my training is almost completely devoid of complexity.

Yet, it’s amazing how much can be accomplished when you work hard and remain consistent. My own consistent effort has allowed me to ride the wave of momentum for multiple decades now.

Good things happen when you bust your ass regularly.

My Struggles

Yes, I know all about the power of momentum. Unfortunately, I also know what it’s like to lose, and how difficult it can be to regain.

Long time readers of this site may know what I’m talking about. A few years ago, I used to update this blog several times a week. I was always busy working on new projects as well (ex. books, DVDs, etc.).

Eventually though, I got so busy coaching that I lost my creative momentum. The days started flying by and I forgot what it was like to be the person who started this site.

Many moons ago, I created this blog to share as much information with as many readers as possible. That was the goal, but I’ve failed in recent years. And that’s unfortunate because I’m wiser and more experienced now than ever before.

What’s the Point?

Some might be wondering why I’m writing about how I’ve struggled to write. Bear with me though, as I believe there’s an important lesson or two here.

First, it’s entirely possible to have momentum in some parts of your life, while struggling in others. Real life isn’t the highlight reel that many pretend it to be on social media. Real life is challenging, and no one is immune to such difficulties. We all need to recognize this simple fact.

Second, I also believe it is important to highlight, rather than hide, our own faults and flaws. I’m not ashamed to admit where I’ve failed, as doing so is often the first step necessary to turn the tide.

It’s impossible to fix a problem if you aren’t willing to admit that it exists.

The Solution

Fortunately, the solution to regaining momentum (in anything) is quite simple. It’s the execution that can be difficult.

It all boils down to action. You either do or you don’t. But when you do act, good things tend to happen.

For example, I sat down to write this entry an hour ago and here I am. It’s almost done. I would have never arrived here if I didn’t take that first step forward.

Final Thoughts

In summary, momentum is a beast. I’ve seen it in action as a coach and it is invaluable. The strength gained through motion can be incredible. Once again though, nothing happens without action.

So, stop delaying, get up, and go. That’s my plan, and anyone else who’s lost momentum is welcome to join me.

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“Momentum solves 80% of your problems.” – John C. Maxwell


  1. I don’t think that you have failed in keeping up with this blog – you may have come a little short compared to your initial goal, but it is still a great blog on a great website. It has helped me a lot in the last several years. But overall, I agree with your plan and I humbly join with you “to stop delaying, get up and go.” We all could use some more momentum in our lives.

    1. The good thing about a blog is that the content never goes away so long as the person pays the bills. So all the content he’s put out before is still here. But the question is “How much of it was he wrong about?” and “Will Ross re-analyze the content he was wrong about and correct it?” I can’t imagine he’s wrong about much, especially in a field where the fitness industry cares more about dollars than progress.

      1. Keep it simple, bust your ass, steer clear of needless complexity and you can’t go wrong. Getting in shape isn’t rocket science. The work is hard, but the process is simple.

  2. Can’t wait to see what you publish next Ross. I’m a huge fan of your books, videos and blogs. Thanks for all that you do for your followers. You provide real inspiration to me mate. I couldn’t even begin to quantify how much difference it’s made to my own personal training over the last 10+ years. And since we’re similar ages too it’s particularly refreshing to hear someone not whining about being in their 40’s.
    If I ever go to the US, I’m going to find you and shake your hand mate.
    All the best

  3. Having followed you for sometime, the message from you that sticks in my head is.
    Do something, do anything. …consistently.

  4. Getting started is definitely the 1st step to getting momentum. Funny coincidence, lately I’ve been reading and following Mel Robbins; her main point is what she calls ‘The 5 Second Rule”. From her site; “I called it “The #5SecondRule” because that’s the first thing that popped into my mind the morning I first used it and it stuck. Remember, I had seen a rocket launch the night before and thought to myself, “I’ll just launch myself out of bed—like a rocket!” The next morning, I counted backwards 5- 4- 3- 2- 1—because that’s what NASA does when it launches a spaceship. I started with 5 for no particular reason other than it felt like the right amount of time to give myself…..Physical movement is the most important part of my Rule too; because when you move your physiology changes and your mind follows. So perhaps the name is not only apropos, it’s actually perfect because it references other five-second windows in life, and that makes the Rule feel that much more familiar, universal and true.” I think she may be on to something, and apparently many others do too. Between Mel & Ross I might actually get some momentum for 2019!!

  5. Your in my feed list Ross. I don’t mis on your writings. Not when you write once a week, not when you write once a year.

  6. This is the first article that I read from you. WOW! I needed to read something like this to help me stay focused on my goals. I can get discouraged at times and this is a big factor in loosing that momentum. I think this is the moment when I loose focus in my bigger goal. When we loose focus simultaneously the action that was creating momentum is lost. Recognizing the things that make us loose momentum, confronting them and regaining momentum is key to achieving my goals. Thank you for this article, it gave me a lot to reflect upon.

  7. I think many more people would create and maintain momentum if they removed the complexity from their training…and their lives! People embark on fancy training routines, find them difficult to follow or maintain…then stop. Then they start again and so on! I know because I’ve done it in the past…not now…I just do stuff, anything, but I do it everyday, so at 58 I’m enjoying training more than I did 40 years ago 😁

  8. Hi Ross, always honest and always to the point.However i feel most of those have been following you for some years know your work ethic and the incredible amount of time you put into your business besides having Family responsibilities. Anything you put out is always quality and worth waiting for.Yes the message is simple but it is the nuances that are subtle and need constant reinforcement.Thanks for any time you can spare to keep things fresh.

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