The Will to Prepare to Win

Talk - Action = Shit

Earlier this week, I posted a short video to Instagram where I discussed the importance of talking less and doing more. As a coach, I believe the message is one that all athletes need to hear. There’s absolutely no reason to waste time telling anyone that you want to win or become a champion. The desire to succeed should be a prerequisite to all competitors. Success therefore isn’t determined by who wants to win, but rather by who is willing to prepare themselves to win.

Take Action

In case you missed the original discussion, take a moment to listen below.

Whether you are an athlete or entrepreneur, it’s important to recognize that your desire to succeed must be coupled with preparation. Simply wanting something is never enough. As mentioned in the video, life doesn’t reward us for what we want. We are only rewarded for what we go out and earn.

Unfortunately, consistent preparation isn’t easy and often requires a considerable sacrifice. Many athletes aren’t willing to pay that price on a regular basis. It is certainly more difficult to prepare than it is to possess the desire to succeed.

Stop Talking

The take home message to this brief entry is quite simple. If you are serious about winning, don’t waste time talking about it. The fact that you want to succeed doesn’t make you any different from anyone else. Life is filled with people who would like to improve their current situation. Regrettably, many people aren’t willing to put in the work that’s necessary to bring about any meaningful change.

Final Thoughts

As complicated as life can be, the road to success is usually straightforward. Continually outwork those around you and you’ll eventually rise towards the top in whatever you pursue. Just don’t expect it to be easy. If it were easy, everyone would do it, and we know that’s not the case.

In summary, don’t ask yourself how bad you want to win. Instead, ask yourself how hard you are willing to prepare yourself to win. And once you answer that question, separate yourself from the majority by consistently displaying that will. That’s how winners are made.


“If your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.” – Henry J. Kaiser


  1. There it is. Anybody can talk, thats exactly why i have lost interest in pro football today, all the talk and excessive celebration. Show the world what you can do and let that speak for itself. Same with boxing today, take care of business, be in top shape all the time, talk less and have more disipline because if you dont have the disipline to be in top shape and have self control, to me i dont take you seriously. It dont cost nothin to talk!

    1. And one more thing,Ross, i have alot of respect for you because you lead by example. I truly wish i could train with you. Im 50 yrs old and i am in the best shape of my life and i owe alot of that to you! If i could train with you i would give you everything i got, day in day out balls to the wall because i know whatever you had me doing you would be right there leading by example.

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