Training Anywhere with Furniture Sliders

Core Training With Furniture Sliders

Over the years, I have preached the effectiveness of several low-tech exercise tools. One of my personal favorites is a pair of furniture sliders. I have used sliders for many years to perform a variety of exercises. Long time readers of the site have likely seen my sliders in action. Whether through a past compilation video or one of my tutorials, I’ve long maintained that a pair of sliders makes a valuable addition to any gym.

Train Anywhere

Although I’ve written about sliders before, I continue to receive questions from new readers who are confused about their use. For example, many people believe they can’t use sliders because their gym (or home) does not have carpet or turf.

Fortunately, the solution to that problem is easily solved. You can purchase a small strip of carpet that will allow you to use the sliders almost anywhere. A brief example can be seen below.

My reason for purchasing this small strip of carpet was simple. I wanted some of my boxers to use the sliders at the boxing gym where we train. Without this carpet strip, there was no place to use them. The gym’s floor is matted which isn’t conducive to slider use.

For less than $10, I solved the problem with a strip of carpet that fits inside my gym bag. If there’s a day when I plan to use sliders, I pack up the carpet strip, two sliders, and a small bottle of Rain-x (a glass treatment product that increases the speed of the sliders).

Final Thoughts

While some readers may be tired of seeing my sliders, I wanted to provide a quick update for those who are new to the site. Since sharing the video above to Instagram this week, my inbox has been flooded with questions about the sliders.

If you need more information about where to find sliders or how to use them, please refer to this past entry:

You are also welcome to pass along any additional questions. Feel free to email me or comment below.


“It is surprising what a man can do when he has to, and how little most men will do when they don’t have to.” – Walter Linn


  1. We are not tired of seeing your sliders at all! Often your posts refresh the envy to play with a tool long forgotten. That is very needed to keep exploring. Could you propose additional movements in addition to the pushup-plank demonstrated in the videos and the hamstring curl? You demonstrated in the past the one arm pushup with the assistance of a forward hand. That’s three good exercises. But I wonder if we could find more to do with it. Lunges are too easy that way unless weighted, with mountain climbers the sliders ease the movements. Hands crawl? 🙂 Thank you Sir!

    1. I enjoy the reverse lunges both weighted (ex. d-bell or sandbag) and also with fast/high-reps. High-reps make a great finisher. And yes, there are certainly other options for movements. In the past, I’ve demoed how the feet can be placed on the sliders while you walk with the hands. It’s a great movement (but requires more carpeted area of course). You can find others in my past tutorials.

  2. Love the furniture sliders, and got the idea from you, Ross! I use them for all sorts of exercises, and they are way cheaper than the Valslides, which are the same thing.

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