Variety vs. Consistency

Exercise Variety

One of the biggest mistakes that an athlete can make is to prematurely change exercises or programs. Without consistency, it is difficult to reap the rewards of the work that you’ve performed. Randomly hopping from program to program all but guarantees minimal progress in any direction. Legitimate gains take time so it important that you remain both patient and consistent.

Sticking with a program doesn’t mean that you’ve turned your back on variety however. It’s entirely possible to remain consistent with the exercises that have proven beneficial, while including subtle forms of variety to prevent staleness. Therefore, consistency and variety can and should coexist within a training program. There’s absolutely no reason to choose one over another.

In the video below, I outline three simple ways to include variety without straying too far from your established training path.

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“Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” – John C. Maxwell


  1. Agree 100% that consistency and variety must exist within a training program. Both are needed for achieving goals. Consistency gets you one step closer, while variety keeps the spark alive. Thanks for sharing!

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