Overnight Success in Business and Sport

Overnight Success

When I started my business in 2001, I had several friends and family members who thought I was crazy to branch out on my own. To say that there were some early doubters is an understatement. I must have heard every possible reason why it didn’t make sense to work for myself. Each time I was offered such wisdom (or lack of), I kindly smiled and thanked the person for their opinion. I never wasted time explaining that I had been working to create a business for several years before officially starting. Even early on in college, I knew that I eventually wanted to do something on my own. I never rushed to a decision though. Instead, I worked hard, remained patient, and carefully planned for the future.

Parallels Between Business and Training

As I approach my 15th year in business, I am constantly amazed at how many parallels exist between entrepreneurship and training. Whether it’s fitness or business, there is always someone looking for a shortcut to success. While one person seeks to get rich quick, another hopes to lose weight or gain strength equally fast.

Furthermore, those who have succeeded are typically categorized as being fortunate and lucky. Such labels shouldn’t come as a surprise however, as the casual observer only sees the end result. They don’t see the years of hard work and failure that often precede an individual’s success. As a result, it’s not uncommon for many people to underestimate how much time and work are necessary to truly excel in any pursuit.

With that said, I highly recommend watching the video below. Gary Vaynerchuk’s overnight success rant is worthy of a listen for anyone who is working to achieve anything worthwhile.

Prior to watching this video, I had not heard of Gary Vaynerchuk. That didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying his speech. I found myself constantly nodding my head in agreement as I listened. He didn’t just hit the nail on the head. He crushed it with a 20 pound sledgehammer.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are working to build a business or eager to build your body, you need to prepare yourself for the long haul. Expect that it will take time and a ridiculous amount of work. Dreaming of becoming an overnight success is nothing but wasted time. There is no easy way to achieve anything worthwhile. Anyone who suggests otherwise is either ignorant or just trying to sell you a bottle of snake oil.

Don’t let their nonsense distract you. Keep working hard as you continually strive to improve. Good things come (eventually) to those who keep grinding.


“It takes 20 years to make an overnight success.” – Eddie Cantor


  1. Hey Ross – I really appreciate the business content here. I started my business in 2001 also. From 1983 to 2001 I had been working in the field, laying the foundation for this business. I did some amateur boxing in the 80’s, got married and had 6 children by the time I went out on my own. Today I have 8 kids 1 grandchild, several dogs, happily married for 26 years. Still willing to work hard to make it all work. Can’t thank you enough for all the inspiring content on this site! If you’re ever near Georgia you need to come see me! – Your Friend – John

  2. Killer video and obviously true, even though I never thought about it in exactly that way until now. Very useful to me. Thanks, Ross.

  3. Strong video, thanks for sharing.
    That is exactly the message I try to deliver to my students EVERY SINGLE DAY that I’m teaching them how to learn to speak and write correctly so that they will be able to pursue their goals the best they can.

  4. Great Video Ross, I highly recommend Gary’s book, Crush It. It’s a excellent read for people who want to build their personal brand through social media.

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