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Donut Hamburgers

I am often asked about diet and nutrition, but never have anything overly exciting to say. I’ve eaten the same way for many, many years. I follow what I consider to be a common sense approach. The bulk of my intake comes from items that once flew, grew, swam, or walked. I limit my intake of processed/man-made junk, but I’m not afraid to occasionally enjoy myself either. I eat when I’m hungry and don’t count calories or nutrient ratios. Instead, I strive for fairly balanced meals. If I want to bulk, I’ll eat more. If I want to cut, I’ll eat less. That’s my dietary plan in a nutshell.

Bro Foods and Flexible Dieting

Although common sense nutrition isn’t the most exciting topic, you might enjoy the video below. I came across it for the first time last night and really enjoyed the message. Just be aware of a few f-bombs within if you are listening in public.

Personally, I’m tired of seeing people glamorize the fact that they’ve eaten a pile of crap yet have maintained a slim physique. It isn’t rocket science that you can eat junk and remain lean as long as total intake is limited. As an old saying suggests, everything in moderation including moderation. That’s fine, but let’s not pretend that eating junk is the key to health and longevity. There’s a difference between being healthy and limiting body fat. You can get lean eating almost anything. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people with six-pack abs who are deficient in countless nutrients and minerals. As I’ve said before, looks can be deceiving.

I don’t say this to suggest that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, but I also wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the taste of a healthy, well cooked meal. Learning how to cook is one of the best things that you can do to improve your health and well-being. No one should be forced to deprive themselves of a tasty meal. Once you learn to cook, it isn’t difficult to prepare meals that are both tasty and nutritious.

And if or when you choose to splurge, keep in mind that it’s only one piece of a much larger puzzle. Just don’t get carried away snapping pictures of it with your selfie stick. There’s already more than enough deception in this industry. Let’s not add to it by pretending that cake, candy, soda, and pizza are the keys to health and vitality.


“Common sense is seeing things as they are; and doing things as they ought to be.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe


    1. You’re missing the joys of Gordon”it’s fucking RAW” Ramsay if you only listen to Ross from here on out! Don’t mind the swearing, just watch his cooking videos where his energy and passion just explode with excitement at the food he’s making. Do that and you’ll be eating far healthier than if you eat what I’m having most days.

  1. If we want to eat more, we just have to workout more, personally I run, and I don’t deprive myself on eating the food I want, I eat with caution and limit then run, not deprive myself, it is just about a matter of self control.

  2. Hi Ross, I appreciated the article and the healthy eating link to Amazon. Do you have a recommendation for any one or more particular books on that list?

  3. ‘I eat when I’m hungry’, you say. As a dedicated family man, what about eating together with your children at fixed, or almost fixed times? And what about you having meat while your kids should have the cucumber and carrots?
    I ask because more often than not my older one wants to imitate my eating habits and my wife sometimes isn’t exactly delighted with this, e.g. when I skip dinner or only have a light snack to be able to train after the kids bedtime preparations.

    1. @Faust – We eat dinner together as a family, but I’m working and they are at school for lunch. I make the kids breakfast, but have either already eaten or typically eat afterward (depends on the morning).

  4. Brilliant article Ross. A breath of fresh air from all the calorie counting, diet fad reads on the web now. It’s great to read…eat when you’re hungry, that’s my absolute rule of thumb!

  5. Great post. I was once pretty overweight and I lost all my weight by using the same principles you talked about. Common sense. Eating real foods and avoiding the junk in wrappers or plastic. It’s not rocket science. I like your line btw “The bulk of my intake comes from items that once flew, grew, swam, or walked.” Take care.

  6. Interesting article, I always get a positive energy whenever I read your articles.

    And it reminds me that everyday I will strive to eat well and exercise with intensity!

    Thanks again.

  7. I am a clean eater – I always wash my fruits and veggies before eating!!!

    Great article Ross, thanks. Loved the video too. He makes some really good points about common sense eating and noticing how food makes you feel, physically. I believe that eating, like training, has been over-complicated by marketing machines and those who just want to make a (unethical) buck by confusing those looking for solutions. After all, if all these “diets” actually worked, there wouldn’t be much of a return business….

  8. all through my travels in and out of gyms,health clubs, ymca’s and other ‘pits’ …i have run into countless folks ( this can also include all the places i’ve worked) that have ‘bodies, physiques, abs, cuts.. etc. etc. and do no exercise and survive on beer and other junk…. this can all be attributed to ‘genetics’. it is a huge factor in the way one looks, performs,ages etc. we all do what we can to be strong healthy and perform better…alas and alack we will only go as far as our genetics allow us. progress can be made and indeed it can be amazing progress but their will still be others that break the rules , do way less and still ‘look good’ etc. strive to not be the guy that an old boxer trainer refered to as …’looking like tarzan and fighting like jane!!’

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