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MyProtein Sponsored Athlete - Ross Enamait

I am happy to announce that I’ve agreed to be sponsored by the sports nutrition supplier Myprotein. If you haven’t heard of Myprotein before, they are the largest sports nutrition brand in Europe. The company is now making its way into the US which is good news for anyone looking for a quality supplement provider.

I was first contacted by Myprotein in February. At the time, I was asked to be one of their sponsored athletes. I was initially reluctant as I am a skeptic by nature. Fortunately, I’m happy to say that I have been pleasantly surprised by their products, service, and professionalism.

If you are looking for quality supplements (ex. protein, BCAAs, creatine, etc.) at reasonable prices, Myprotein is definitely worth a look. Their US store will be adding several new products in the months ahead. I look forward to working with the company while continuing to build RossTraining.

If you are interested in checking out their line of products, feel free to use the coupon code ROSS for 20% off your purchase at the US store. If you are shopping from the UK, you can use the coupon code ROSSUK for 10% off. Simply follow the links below.

Myprotein – USA

Myprotein – International




  1. I can’t believe bigger names in the fitness industry haven’t offered you big contracts. You are definitely a perfect role model for anyone desiring to be fit! Congrats and I hope more good companies follow suite!

  2. Ross they have just got themselves a new customer based on your thumbs up. I dont have to think twice, your word means alot. GOod luck with this endeavor Ross.

  3. Thats great. I live close to where they’re based and have been a customer for about as long as I’ve been reading this blog, since they were a new company. Always good service and no nonsense products.

  4. Great news Ross. Ive been using MyProtein UK for some time now and they have always been very professional, with quick deliveries and really competitive prices.

  5. Ditto to what Mike D said. Ross’s word means a lot, and MyProtein’s prices were very reasonable. I loaded up on Isolate.

  6. hmmm, maybe i’ll finally learn what the point of taking supplements is! haha. i understand the concept behind taking a protein and basic vitamin supplement, but all the other stuff is completely foreign to me. i never take pills and mostly stick to a fresh food diet, but i’m always wondering if i’m missing out on something that could be useful to me during training/recovery etc. looking forward to seeing what Ross has to say! like the others here, i feel like his word is pretty much gold.

  7. Never heard of myprotein personally. Anyone know where one can find some 3rd party tests on the products. I’ve grown increasing skeptical over the years as to what’s actually in the protein I’m taking. I’ll do some digging myself but it never hurts to ask.

  8. I’ve been using MyProtein UK for years now. Great products, great prices, and when it comes to protein, great flavours. Almost inevitable that a partnership with such an insightful and inspiring athlete / coach would result. Well done to MyProtein for affiliating themselves with Ross Enamait as his endorsement speaks volumes.

  9. Hey Ross,
    I just placed an order for the whey protein Mint Chocolate flavor. Your word I trust. I hope many more reputable sport companies will sponsor you soon as well.

  10. I’ve been using MyProtein for quite some time now.
    their stuff does the job and they have an amazing range of flavours in impact whey protein (mocha is awesome, but I stick to basic chocolate for versatility. I like it in coffee)

  11. Have I walked into a parallel universe? Never thought I’d see the day that you took sponsors from protein powder I have to say.
    Ross, love your work and have bought all your books and DVD’s, and like everyone else here love your work, inspiration and workout material. But….I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little shocked by this announcement!
    If this mob ever distribute ‘down under’ I might have to give it a crack just on your endorsement alone – might actually find out what all the rave about protein powder is about.

    1. Hey, we all have bills to pay man. Leave Ross alone, he has given enough for free, let him reap what he has sowed.

  12. Just remembered this article and read it again. I wounder if you are still sponsored by them? I did not see you on their athletes website. Or was there anything from your side that you quit it?

    1. I still am, but I’m not one to be overly aggressive marketing anything. As a result, I haven’t made too many mentions. Yes, I believe the company is solid, but I won’t be overly pushy with anything.

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