Inspiration From Luke Ericson

Luke Ericson was born without a left arm and an undeveloped left lung. He has essentially faced an uphill battle since day one. There’s no denying that life hasn’t always been fair to Luke and he’s tackled obstacles that most of us could not comprehend. Even as I type this entry, I take for granted the fact that I can do so with both hands. Luke does not have that option.

Fortunately, Luke’s so-called limitation has not slowed him down. On the contrary, Luke has thrown himself at life with relentless determination and passion. The video below offers a brief sampling.

What I enjoyed most about the clip wasn’t Luke’s physical display, but rather his thoughts on life. As he says within, we only have one chance at life, so let’s all make the most of our time. And while such words may sound like common sense, it is Luke’s real life example that resonates with me. It is one thing to speak about living a positive life, but it is entirely different to go out and do it. Luke practices what he preaches and does not use his circumstances as an excuse. I find that incredibly inspiring.

Most of us can only speculate how we would live and feel if we were in Luke’s position. I’d like to think that I would remain positive, but it is impossible to say. In all honesty, I would not fault Luke if he wasn’t overly positive about life. Seeing him thrive and continue to strive should put many of our own struggles in perspective.

If Luke Ericson refuses to let a missing arm slow him down, what does that say about most of the excuses we have all heard?

For more information about Luke Ericson, check out his Facebook page below.

Luke Ericson – Facebook


“I let that negativity roll off me like water off a duck’s back. If it’s not positive, I didn’t hear it. If you can overcome that, fights are easy.” – George Foreman


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