Homemade Thick Grip Training

In my last entry, I demonstrated how a foam pool noodle could be attached to a doorway pull-up bar to prevent damage to the door trim. You will only need a few inches per side to protect the trim. Most pool noodles are sold in much longer pieces. Fortunately, you can use the excess material for another do-it-yourself project.

High density foam can also be used to create an inexpensive pair of portable thick grip attachments. Simply cut the foam into two small pieces and then slice an opening on each piece to fit around a bar. You should then thoroughly wrap the foam in a few layers of duct tape for added protection. The result of this low-tech set-up can be seen below.

Homemade fat grips

These portable attachments are inexpensive and effective. Thumb strength will certainly be challenged when performing pull-ups from these thick grips.

Thick grip pull-ups

As for longevity, high density foam is much more resilient then some initially assume. I have used foam attachments for many seasons and have not noticed any compression or loss of shape. I have also had success using foam to create very durable dip belts. I have used the dip belt below for several years. I have loaded it with well over 200 pounds without any problems. The dip belt consists of nothing but a foam pool noodle, chain, duct tape, and a carabiner spring-link.

Homemade dip belt

In summary, if you are looking for an inexpensive and effective way to challenge thick grip strength, a foam pool noodle is one option to consider. And while I do demonstrate additional options in my Untapped Strength book, these foam attachments are perhaps the easiest to make. It will take a few minutes at most.

Lastly, if you already purchased foam to protect your door trim, these thick grips are an added bonus that can be made for free. Free and effective are two of my favorite words. You can’t go wrong with these inexpensive attachments.


“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe


  1. There is never an excuse when it comes down to some Ross Training . Us Ross fanatics handle our business “Anywhere” “Anyhow”

  2. I am totally doing this for some thick grips for deadlifts at the gym. I can get the scraps for free and it keeps some waste out of a landfill. DIY all the way.

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