Same Sh*t, Different Day

If you have followed this site for a while, you may recall when I used to post old clips from Jack LaLanne’s early television show. Unfortunately, many of the original videos were removed from Youtube. I am happy to note however that some of those clips have been added back under other channels.

One example can be seen below.

I first shared this video to the blog in 2007. It is hard to believe that seven years have already passed since that original entry. Yet while time has certainly passed quickly, it is unfortunate that little has changed in that time. Jack’s message is still as relevant today as it was when he first shared it.

Another example can be found below.

Don’t we all know someone who always complains about feeling tired? If anything, I would guess that more people are tired today than they were in years past. Jack LaLanne’s generation didn’t wake up in the middle of the night to browse their phones. They couldn’t even watch television as stations would sign off the air in the evening. Nowadays, people still eat crap and don’t exercise enough, but they also stay up half the night watching television and playing with their phones.

It often seems like today’s generation has more knowledge and technology, but also more problems. Despite all of the information that is accessible to all, people are still tired and out of shape. Little has changed in that regard.

Imagine if more people simply followed Jack LaLanne’s advice? Does it really need to be more complicated than that? Do we really need more research to confirm why people are lazy and out of shape? Rather than arguing and debating about what causes the problem, let’s instead encourage more people to get up and move while nourishing their bodies with real food.

Science may have evolved in recent years but most people have not. Jack LaLanne was ahead of his time and I don’t see many people today who will be able to follow in his foot steps. He was still going strong in his 90’s. Most people today are struggling to get around in their 40’s and 50’s. Perhaps we aren’t as smart as we’d like to believe. Rather than continually seeking out new information, maybe we should instead listen to the advice that Jack LaLanne was preaching to the masses many decades ago.


“Living is a pain in the butt. Dying is easy. It’s like an athletic event. You’ve got to train for it. You’ve got to eat right. You’ve got to exercise. Your health account, your bank account, they’re the same thing. The more you put in, the more you can take out. Exercise is king and nutrition is queen: together, you have a kingdom.” – Jack LaLanne


  1. Jack LaLanne was the true elite member of fitness. He worked out hour days while in his 70’s. Don’t know what he was capable of in his 90’s but I’m sure it was probably equivalent to a man half his age. A true pioneer of fitness and a much better role model than the chemically enhanced, bloated, bodybuilders of today. LaLanne had the type of physique that any man would want to aquire.

  2. LaLanne was great – and there were a lot more like him. I admire him, but he wasn’t a pioneer. You can go back to the Greek philosopher/wrestlers or oriental monks.

    The thing is – LaLanne did preach it and not enough people listened. Farmer Brown preached it. Georges Hebert preached it. And Ross and others still preach it. It isn’t a hard to understand message. It isn’t complicated.

    But thanks to people like Ross who ‘keep the faith’!

  3. True. Unfortunately even science & medicine are looking for ways to encourage people to do something to curb the obesity epidemic. Why? Simple answer is people do not want to follow the REAL aspects of health & vitality! They find exercise “too hard” & eating real foods to be “too challenging & demanding.” They are looking for the “magic pill” which is why there are so many quick rich schemes that thrive with this attitude!

  4. I love old Jack LaLanne clips, he hit the nail on the head before most of us were born. Great post Ross, and thanks for what you do.

    Infinite Intensity is what got me started exercising seriously five or six years ago, and although my goals are different now I still use some of the routines in there, most often the core training ones. Keep it up.

  5. I remember when I was about 6 or 7, staying at my Grandma’s house and watching Jack. I followed along with him as best I could. My Grandma didn’t exercise with him. I think she just just liked listening to him. Of course we both liked his dog, Happy. He was one of a kind…

  6. Jack LaLanne will be my fitness idol. Since long time I’ve been following his mentioned fitness instructions. His workout ways are truly inspiring. I’m very delighted to find some of this old period video clips. These are still now very encouraging indeed.

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