Core Training Pushup Variation – By Ross Enamait

Earlier this week, I posted a brief video to Instagram showing a pushup variation that challenges the core. After sharing the video, I received several questions about the sliders used to perform this core training exercise. I also received inquiries about possible alternatives to the sliders.

As a follow up to those questions, I filmed the following demonstration earlier today.

Within the video, you will see three options for this core training pushup variation. I demonstrate the exercise with sliders, a barbell, and a pair of homemade wheels. Each is similar and equally challenging. I wouldn’t say that one is necessarily better or worse than another. It is always nice to have multiple options however.

As for the veterans of this site, you have likely seen these variations before. If not, you can see more detailed demonstrations from the previous videos below. As you will see, there truly are countless variations with these simple, yet challenging tools.

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  1. I have gymnastic rings in my garage that I suppose I could do a variation of this with when I do ring push ups, which I guess is another alternative

  2. Great exercise. Looks like a bodyweight version of the old school barbell movement of pullover and presses. Hits the whole upper body as well as the core. Great exercise to use when you are limited in time and want to hit the upper body with one exercise.

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