Passionate About Passion

I can’t believe it was over 25 years ago when I first saw the Ultimate Warrior perform as a wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation. As a youngster, I enjoyed watching him lift other wrestlers over his head. He was a physical beast. When I’d see him wrestle in the 1980s, I would drop to perform pushups in hopes of someday developing his strength.

Unfortunately, I learned of the Warrior’s sudden passing earlier this week. Born as James Brian Hellwig, he died at age 54 on Tuesday. And while I have not seen the Warrior in many years, I recently came across his video below. I certainly enjoyed it.

Within the video, he discusses the difference between being alive and truly living. He states that living means engaging your life with intensity and passion. I could not agree more. Too many people plod through life without realizing the gift that it is. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. If there is something you want to accomplish, you need to stop waiting for the perfect moment. You don’t need to have everything figured out to move forward. Someday is not a day on the calendar.

The video does contain vulgar language, but if you can get past that, the message itself is quite powerful.

RIP Warrior


“I’m passionate about f–king passion!” – The Ultimate Warrior


  1. I see far too many folks sleepwalking thru life, wither it is dealing with their health & fitness or just generally ‘doing time’ each and every day.
    Our lives are the greatest gift we ever get and we only get one kick at the can so make the most of it!

  2. I totally agree but does anyone else not notice the irony in the fact that this guy (possibly) pissed his own gift of life away by abusing steroids? I mean he died at age 54. I see how 30 years of adult life like what he had is way better than 60 years of being a bitch-and-moan drag-asser who has no passion for anything, but can we have a middle point? Can we live a nice and long life but yet be happy and fulfilled and passionate, but without letting our passions consume us?

  3. In his defence his father and grandfather all died at the same age, yes he took steroids but I think its fair to wait for the coroner’s report on the matter, either way he inspired the hell out of me.

  4. I’ve seen several videos of the Ultimate Warrior on Youtube where he’s going off on rants about Hulk Hogan. I hate to be a “whiner” but every video I’ve seen of the Ultimate Warrior presents him as a bitter, troubled, man. I don’t see “passion” here at all in this video, I see an angry, bitter, and possibly disturbed man. Nothing wrong with his message about being passionate though. It is amazing how many of these wrestlers die relatively young. Steroids, painkillers, tough way to make a living. Seen a video of Lex Luger recently, Luger had been paralyzed for awhile and he must weigh about 140-150lbs. The massive Luger’s muscles have totally atrophied.

  5. I came to Ross’ site specifically for some type of motivation, and this was perfect. Thanks again Ross

  6. I do see a passionate individual in this video and I don’t see him as bitter. He is intense and maybe he is a little angry that keyboard warriors poke fun at that. But while those people sit on the computer picking apart other people’s live, those other people are actually living. It is sad that he passed and regardless of the circumstances he probably did live it to what he considered his fullest. I don’t consider sitting around on a computer judging others as a passionate way to live. Get off your ass and live your life as if you are a character in your very own novel or movie.

  7. @Rob, I wasn’t a big wrestling fan back in the eighties, in fact the only time I even bothered to watch wrestling was back in the mid and late nineties. Sure, I heard of the Ultimate Warrior, but other than that, I knew very little about the character he portrayed in the ring, and nothing about him as a person. I stumbled upon his videos on Youtube and thought it a bit odd that a grown man would go off on a hour long rant about another man(Hulk Hogan), seemed pretty childish to me. Apparently the Ultimate Warrior had “heat” with Kevin Nash also, he has a video were he’s attacking Nash as well. Maybe I’m totally misjudging the man, but he just seemed pretty bitter and angry, almost obsessed with Hogan. Who knows? With “rasslin” being the way it is, even the Youtube vids could have been a “work.”

  8. After today’s brutal workout, this post was spot on.
    RIP Warrior, powerful message, and thank you Ross for posts like this.
    People like you and Warrior are truly an inspiration. Rock on.

  9. This guy had beef with so many in & out of the business it’s breathtaking. What drove him – who knows.
    For us internet warriors out there its not that important. As many half-assed vids he put out on youtube he also has some arse-kicking ones as well (like this one). So if you can take something out of it – good for you. Only that counts.

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