Doorway Pull-up Handle Longevity

Doorway pull-up handles

I first mentioned doorway pull-up handles back in 2011. As mentioned originally, I created these handles with excess lashing straps from a suspension trainer and a short piece of PVC pipe. After filming the initial tutorial, I received many questions about whether these handles would damage a door with regular use. At the time, I did not have enough experience with them to provide adequate feedback. I initially created these handles for traveling. I did not create them for home use. For the first few years, I only used the handles when traveling. I always travel with a pair but I’m rarely gone for more than a few days at a time. When training at home, I have other pull-up options available.

Yet after receiving continuous questions about door durability, I began tracking the number of reps that I performed on my basement door. I started performing random sets here and there and the reps began to build. Earlier this week I noticed that I was closing in on 1000 reps. I filmed the last five in the brief video below.

I am happy to report that after 1000 reps on the same door I have not had a single problem. Both the handles and door have held up fine.

I still would not suggest using these handles as the primary means of pull-up training, but if there are no other options, these handles may be something to consider. Just be sure that you have a sturdy door that is closed tightly when in use.


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  1. Hi Ross

    Great piece of kit for travelling.. Just wonder what type of knot you used to tie the lashing straps, would need to be a good one to support body-weight.

    Keep up the work Bro..

    1. @Baz – I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t recall exactly. I’m fairly sure I just knotted them several times. I can’t tell now as I wrapped the knot thoroughly in duct tape afterward. Lashing straps can be knotted rather tight so the knots have never been an issue for me.

  2. Kenneth, thanks for that link! That’s the perfect knot. Works great. And thanks Ross for the awesome idea. 5 dollars total for a piece of PVC and webbing.

    1. @CJ – I didn’t measure the straps. It was more a case of eye balling the length based on how much room I needed for my hands to grip the handles (the opposite end should be resting at the top of the door to keep them in place).

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    Seeing my family again…
    & second, getting these brilliant ideas of urs up and [email protected] so that I can be ready for my next Worldtitle challenge.
    Thanks for the added motivation and skills that u’ve added to my arsenal bud

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