1. Nice interview Ross, and a beautiful family.

    Ive followed you for a while-
    I wanted to know as a boxer-were you ever professional or just in the amateurs? And what was your fight record? And how do you separate your fighter mentality from a Coach? Is it just to take what you know from experience as a fighter and impart it to the fighters? Or do you strategize and create specifically for each athlete?

  2. Hi Joe, I fought in the amateurs for over 10 years but was young and ignorant and never took care of my hands. I had multiple fractures (hands, arm, wrist, etc.) and eventually transitioned to coaching. As for fight mentality vs. coaching, I actually believe it is helpful. I don’t need to separate it, but yes, each athlete needs to be viewed uniquely.

  3. Good interview, Ross – down to earth as always.
    I also have a couple of questions:
    – how many athletes do you train regularly?
    – do you only do one-on-one or do you train in groups (how big usually?)
    – who is your most known fighter right now?
    – any chance we see you train some fighters in a documentary vid?

    Thnx & keep up the inspiration

  4. @Sven – I don’t do classes/groups. I’m not a big fan of such an approach. I train fighters one at a time (unless one guy is warming up while I’m holding mitts with another, etc.). I really don’t see anyone as being any more special than anyone else though. I’ve been fortunate to be on HBO, Showtime, NBC, ESPN, etc. but I don’t view the fighters who’ve been on television any differently from a beginner who is still learning how to jab. People are people to me.

  5. Cool Ross. Ive known fighters from NY who did alot of amateurs up there its big even with little kids-very cool.

    Ive trained in boxing for several years, and am a big fight fan. I don’t know about you but many times I can call punches in a fight before they happen and if I know the fighters well I can pick the winner 4 out of 5 times. My friends told me I should bet on them and UFC in Vegas. My point- loving the sport and thinking strategically is a true joy in and of itself. I saw that fight of your with TOO Smooth-he was a cool, sneaky tactician. I hope you can be a Cus D’Amato type one day-like you if I wasn’t so ignorant as a youth I couldv’e done alot more. At least your awesome fight knowledge can be passed to others. I hope and pray you have a Mike Tyson of your own-with your knowledge and ruthless intensity the guy will be a total killer. Thats the way it should be.

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