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Let me begin this entry by stating that I’m not easily impressed. I don’t mean that in a pompous way. I just have high expectations for myself and others. I’m not impressed by hard work. Yes, I respect it, but I also expect it. I believe we are all more capable than we may ever realize.

One person who may be an exception to that statement however is China’s Lei Liu. He has defied the odds and then some. At only 26 years old, he’s already done more than anyone could have ever imagined. As a young child, he contracted polio and was unable to walk. It’s safe to say that no one could have guessed that he’d become one of the strongest pound for pound bench pressers that we’ve ever seen.

Below you can see Lei bench 498 pounds. He did so at a bodyweight of 148 pounds with absolutely no leg drive.

I am beyond impressed.

It is performances like this that solidify my belief that it is up to the individual to determine how far he’ll go. Never ask someone how much you can achieve. No one knows. As a child, no one knew that Lei would eventually become a world record bench presser. It is impossible to predict what others will achieve. Technology may have come a long way, but crystal balls still don’t exist.

No one can predict the future. It hasn’t been written. It’s up to you to take out your own pen and decide for yourself.


“There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” – Bruce Lee


  1. Crazy strength! I hardly believe my eyes. 148 BW, polio, and only 224 lbs away from the super heavyweight raw world record. One of the most impressive strength feats I have ever witnessed.

    No leg drive – that is how the bench press is supposed to be, in my humble opinion.

    Also shows that the phrase “you have to squat and deadlift to bench big” doesn’t apply to all.

  2. Amazing!! We are coming to terms with the fact our daughter may not be able to walk – this video just made my day thanks Ross

  3. He certainly did make it look easy, 500+ pounds is certainly within his reach. A 498lb RAW bench press at a bodyweight of 148lbs is superhuman. A double bodyweight RAW bench press is what most weightlifters, and/or bodybuilders consider an exceptional bench press goal to strive for. And this guy does triple bodyweight PLUS an additional 54lbs without the aid of his legs for support. TRULY AMAZING LIFT!!

  4. I like how he has taken what should have been a negative, his legs which seem to be severely atrophied, presumably from the polio, and found a way to turn it into a strength. The lack of lower body weight would allow him to have a much better developed upper body than most people of his weight class, those extra pounds are used to add muscle where it matters. Just goes to show that whatever flaws or problems you have, if you think long enough, hard enough and intelligently enough you can find a way to turn it into an advantage.

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