Rope Climbing Alternatives

Below is a new video tutorial where I demonstrate a few indoor rope climbing alternatives. I also show how to quickly cut manila rope to create smaller strips for rope pull-ups.


“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt


  1. I’m trying to advance to the stage of climbing two seperate 30-foot ropes using arms only. Quite more challenging than just climbinb a single rope. I remeber back in the day all our gym classes and gymnastic classes at the Y would have climbing ropes, monkey bars, pegboards, horizontal bars and all they did was get in my way to the weight room. Now most of my workouts focus on equipment like rope climbing and such, with occasional doses of iron just out of habit. I think I was more suited for the more natrual style of training but training in the seventies bulging muscles were in and not overall fitness.

  2. Very interesting and useful post Ross.
    Can you please follow up with a video about rope climbing itself and possible progressions and styles of climbing.
    Thank you

  3. consider doing a rope climbing dvd next.

    progressions to being able to climb rope
    advanced progressions
    ways to climb rope (hands only, using legs, etc)
    horizontal body row and progressions using rope instead of bar
    workouts using rope in conjunction with other exercises

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