Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever

Below is a link to a documentary that was recently emailed to me. It was sent by someone who noticed that an old book of mine was seen around the 25:16 mark. Naturally, upon receiving the email, I scrolled to that point and thought it was neat to see the book on display.

Initially, I did not have a chance to watch the entire film but I’m glad that I made time last night. The story that is chronicled throughout is one that I have seen many times. Now before I share my thoughts on the film, I’ll start by sharing a brief summary from the producer:

“Nick has lived a wayward life, grappling with alcoholism before discovering kick boxing as a tool to keep him focused and out of trouble. This documentary follows Nick over 6 months as he struggles to keep on a solid path of training in preparation for his ultimate goal – a fight at Cambodia’s CTN stadium. As Nick trains in a range of kick boxing gyms, he comes to learn about the sport, its culture and himself. Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever is a kick boxers personal journey which explores the importance of the goals we set in life.”

Nick Tower’s story is similar to many fighters. Throughout his life, he has battled many demons. He’s made his share of mistakes and continually struggles to make the right decision. Fortunately, his desire to fight steers him in the right direction. He is never far from straying into trouble, but the gym keeps pulling him back.

His story is a nice reminder that we all have an opportunity to change. The past is the past. It does not need to dictate your future unless you allow it. Each day offers a chance to improve and move forward. I have never met anyone who has lived a perfect life. I certainly made my share of mistakes as a youngster. Like Nick Tower, it was the fight game that steered me in the right direction. If I had not found boxing as a youngster, I’m not sure where I would be.

Never assume that you are too old to pursue the dreams that matter to you. As stated within the film, winning starts with beginning. And winning isn’t just about stepping into the ring to fight. Winning the game of life also starts with beginning. It is impossible to move forward if you aren’t willing to start. Don’t become paralyzed by your past. What you’ve done in the past does not dictate the future.

One thing that we all share in common is that the future has not yet been written. It’s an open book and we all have our own pen. Just like you, I don’t know where I’ll be in a year, in five years, or in ten years. What I do know is that each day offers the opportunity to improve and advance. Doing so starts by winning each individual day. Whatever you’ve done in the past does not influence today’s score. You still have an opportunity to win the day. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by.


  1. Mate, your books have been by my side through a tough couple of years. They have definitely grounded me. Fitness, martial arts, gymnastics, whatever does it for you, will bleed into all aspects of your life. Thanks for the post Ross, hit the spot as I’m sure it did for many of your followers.

  2. I really enjoyed the post and the documentary. It is an inspiration. This story shows that success is a deliberate action; not a circumstance from luck. It also shows that even winners have inner demons and have day to day troubles. He overcame adversity with heart. I have seen many athletes that are probably more athletic that cannot finish anything because they lack heart and mental toughness.

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