The Earth Is Our Gym

The video below shares a very simple, yet powerful message. You don’t need anything fancy to achieve a quality workout. It is possible to train effectively with almost anything, including nothing. Creativity and effort are more important than anything. Don’t limit yourself to conventional thinking.

Lack of equipment is not a valid excuse for anything. As stated within the video, go outside and figure something out. Effort can be applied to anything. It’s the effort that you put forth that truly matters. Unfortunately, the importance of effort and creativity are rarely highlighted in today’s industry. The commercial powers that exist cannot put a price tag on these attributes. Effort cannot be sold and many gurus discourage creativity. They’d rather leave you dependent on their services. Independent thinking rarely benefits their business.

Don’t fall into the trap of always following or doing what someone else says. You can figure a lot out on your own by just getting up and going. Need is an overused word. You can succeed with almost anything if you are determined to succeed. What you have does not dictate your future. What you are willing to do with anything (or nothing) matters the most. Get up, get moving, and use your body and mind. The results will follow.


“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” – Dr. Seuss


  1. Thanks for posting Ross! I’ve been a fat ass the past few months and this was enough to push me out of the chair and train again. I did a jog sprints (slow) but it was awesome to be outside and using the body. I’m back on the wagon… 🙂

  2. Ross-
    Another terrific reminder that there are no excuses for not being where you want to be if you can just pull your head out and wrap it around the idea that limits are for sale, dreams are not.

  3. Hey thankyou for those amazing words , Dedicated my life to Training people to be better than I once was , but forgot (or gaveup) on myself and gained a lot of weight , you got me believing in myself again ty , Shout out from Australia

  4. You can use almost everything! We can always innovate! Thanks for this post very informative! BTW I like the Dr. Seuss quote!

  5. Great video! You always post top-quality vids.

    Would you happen to have the name of the song in the background of the video? Or, perhaps a link to the song on youtube?


  6. Amen brother. As a service tech I travel work, a lot. I stay in hotels about four nights a week. Some have a little workout equipment but most of my hotels do not. I really pays to think outside of the box to ensure a good workout everyday.

    My favorite? I have developed a routine with a sledge hammer based on a sword routine I read about in a martial arts blog. I love it, despite the comments about the crazy guy in the parking lot!

  7. Totally agree, so many people fall into the trap of thinking they have to follow a specific program or have specific equipment, otherwise they are wasting their time.

    But the name of the game is motivation. If you’re not motivated you won’t even attempt to think outside of the box, but if you want it you’ll find a way, even if it’s just a set of push-ups on the living room floor.

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