Inspiration From Siamand Rahman

Siamand Rahman was born with a congenital abnormality but certainly has not been limited by his disability. The 2012 Paralympic gold medalist is an absolute beast of a bench presser. Not only is he the first and only Paralympic lifter to bench press 600 pounds, he can do so with ease.

As for future ambitions, Rahman has no plans of slowing down. When asked about his goals, he stated the following:

“I have on agenda reaching records above 350 kilograms and I intend to set the historic record of 400 kilograms.”

Based on his young age (25) and the sheer strength displayed in the video below, I won’t be surprised if he someday achieves these lofty goals.

Siamand Rahman is an inspiration not only because of his strength, but also his quest to continually improve. He’s already the best at what he does, yet he’s nowhere near satisfied. His never settle mindset is something that all dominate athletes share. Best remains a moving target. Getting to the top is not the end of the journey. In many cases, it is only the beginning.



  1. I don’t bench press, but how on earth do you do that without the stability afforded by your legs?

  2. No legs and no bench shirt or elbow wraps or wrist wraps….. and done like nothing! Well done, no matter what country you are from…. WELL DONE!

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