Always A Fire – Documentary

Update – This entry was first posted in September 2012. I am sharing it again to highlight that Chad Jones was recently (June 2013) drafted by the Cincinnati Reds. He is back to being a professional athlete, this time as a baseball player.


The following video will take less than 7 minutes of your time. It documents a comeback story that is as inspiring as any. Trust me, it is WELL worth a look.

A brief description from the filmmaker is listed below.

“ALWAYS A FIRE is a short documentary film on former New York Giant CHAD JONES – a star athlete from LSU whose promising professional career was put on hold by a tragic car accident before it even had a chance to begin.

The film details Chad’s incredible rehabilitation and recovery from the horrific accident that nearly cost him his life. Comprised of intimate interviews with Chad and his trainers, as well as never-before-seen footage of his long road to recovery, the film provides an unflinching view of an elite athlete facing unimaginable tragedy and refusing to submit.”


  1. I did not know where to post my off-topic question so I will post it here. I have read up and down your entire blog and could not find a clear answer.My simple question is: should I avoid grains altogether? From your previous articles you have mentioned that you just try to eat healthy food and don’t bother counting anything because eating healthy foods will take of all of that (meaning fat loss). But what about grains? Should I even bother with them and just stick to meat, veggies, and fruit? Thanks and I love your site; on the verge of buying your Never Gymless book.

    1. @Al – I’m not entirely opposed, depending on where it’s from, how it’s been processed, etc. Universal yes or no answers rarely exist.

  2. Al and admin, the problem with the notion that eating “healthy” will take care of fat loss in an oversimplification in my view. Take nuts, for instance, a food regarded by many to be healthy. A person could easily devour a few hundred grams in a short sitting while watching TV/reading a book/using the the computer. Those few hundred grams alone of nuts could mean calories in exceed calories out.

    I like the idea of eating healthy, but it won’t magically cause fat loss. It can be quite easy to overeat healthy foods.

  3. The two best diets I’ve witnessed for promoting fat loss are the Atkins Diet and either a Vegan or Vegetarian diet. Kind of funny when you consider that the Atkins Diet is polar opposite of the Vegan or Vegetarian diet. I’ve heard that two whole wheat slices of bread can spike your blood glucose levels higher than a Snickers candy bar. Exercise is definitely good for you and will help aid in weight loss, particularly resistance training which ramps up your metabolism. Forget the LSD cardio which takes up too much time and isn’t nearly effective as weight training, intervals and speed work, for weight loss. Still diet is the main factor in weight loss and exercise might help assure the pounds are distributed more attractively instead of winding up as one of those “flabby skinny guys.”

  4. This quote : “No one gets very far unless he accomplishes the impossible at least once a day.” – Elbert Hubbard,

    is very well placed. Wow!…

    Chad is really inspiring. I myself am going through a little bit of a difficulty in my sport. Having a tendinitis in many joints of my body really is a burden, but after watching this videos, it appears to feel like a stepping stone in my journey to the top…

    Thanks for having shared the video

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