True Strength In Body and Mind

The video below shows an inspiring young man who lives with cerebral palsy. The mental strength that he displays is beyond admirable. It’s difficult to find words that could accurately describe his amazing character. I won’t even attempt it.

Instead, I’ll cut right to the chase and encourage you to view this brief video. Watch what Scott must overcome on a daily basis. Listen to his advice.

Regardless of what obstacles stand in your way, it could always be worse. There’s always someone who is dealing with more yet continues to fight. Scott makes no excuses. He continues to move forward.

We could all learn from his example.


“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” – Jordan Belfort


  1. Thanks Ross, i love these people and have a lot of recpect for them. Because they eliminate their challenges and obstacles.
    And the people who have the full amount health and use of their body turn it into disability or it exists in their heads.

    Goosebumps, nothing but goosebumps !

  2. I’m really impressed with his abilities he acquired. To see the gracefulness with the movement in both the pushing, curling, and most amazingly his walking really inspiring. To to do that with that full extent of cerebral palsy, is extraordinary. Best of luck to him and hope to see more strides out of him in the near future.

  3. Sometimes i think it should be the other way around . That disabled people should feel sorry for many “ablebodied” people 🙂

  4. These are the people I think of when I’m feeling like my workout is to tough or I’m going to quit before I’m finished. It’s nothing compared to what they deal with every day! Man the world is full of incredible people.

  5. I really appreciate this. Scott’s message is one that I won’t forget. I’ve worked with all kinds of special needs students in public schools for the past 5 years and they are capable of strength that we’ll never know. We take our bodies and our minds for granted while they must overcome challenges that we don’t even consider. Scott is a hero and more of a man than I can even hope to be. His attitude is absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing, Ross. This shook me to the core.

  6. Thanks for posting this Ross.
    Seems they guy has got bigger balls than a lot of blokes i know.
    Very easy to make excuses for not doing something – I didn’t see Scott coming up with any though.
    Good wake up call, Cheers.

  7. @louay

    I think people who are disabled probably do look at “ablebodied” people and think how they waste what God has blessed them with. Kind of like as I get older I see how that old saying about “youth is wasted on the young” rings true. We really never realize how truly we are blessed. The amount of fortitude this guy has is truly remarkable. Amazing spirit. God bless him.

  8. My daughter has a disability and as a parent I am raising her to be as strong and capable as this young man. Thanks for posting this.

    Go big or go Home…nicely said

  9. Great to see this fantastic young man enjoying his gym time. Gyms are awesome places. Keep up the good work.

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