Make The Most Of Your Circumstances

In the brief video below, you will see a young wheelchair-bound man perform incredible work from a pull-up bar. And while many of the Youtube comments are quick to mention his light bodyweight, they seem to overlook that this young man lives without the ability to use his legs.

It is impossible for me to fathom what it is like to wake up in the morning unable to walk. I could not imagine living like that. For this young man to overcome his daily struggles and take to the bar is incredibly inspiring. I care less about his physical strength and more about his mental resolve.

He hasn’t cried poor me based on the unfortunate circumstances that he’s challenged with each day. Instead, he’s found something that he is passionate about doing. Rather than sitting behind the computer and debating his bodyweight, perhaps we should instead follow his approach which is to make the most of our circumstances. This young man works hard to pursue something that he clearly enjoys.

No one would have blamed him for sitting in his chair rather than getting up and attempting to do what few have done before. That alone is worthy of admiration. I tip my hat to him and wish him the best.


“Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.”


  1. That is a amazing display of strength, coordination, and the ability to handle your own bodyweight. Piss off to the Youtube haters or any haters for that matter.Get so sick and tired of all the negative people that inhabit the world we live in nowadays. This guy could have easily just thrown in the towel and decided to just sit around and munch on Oreos and cheeseburgers all day and who would blame him. But he has apparently just as much strength of spirit as any champion athlete. Kudos to this very strong young man. Impressive. And to the haters. F*ck off.

  2. Amen to Ross’s second paragraph above. If I even try to imagine dealing with a reality like this young man’s (and I don’t like to do so) I feel a crushing weight of depression. To see those who have embraced all of the awful (to my mind) challenges that an unfair world has forced upon them and prevailed over a total inner collapse impacts me on a very deep spiritual level in a way hard to describe exactly — yet I know it is a very good and healthy thing. God bless this young man richly — perhaps in ways that only someone like him can fully understand.

  3. True inspiration.. I’m good at bodyweight movements (pullups, situps, air squats, pushups, etc.) but he made pullups in a front lever position look easy and they are not. Great spirit and pasion for doing what he can. Thanks for a great post. Every day is a blessing. We are all blessed and have so much more than we realize.

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