Make Deliberate Choices

The video below is not directly related to physical training, but the message conveyed is relevant to anyone with lofty aspirations.

As stated within:

“Every single day you’re the result of what you did on the days prior.”

Unfortunately, this simple yet powerful message is often overlooked. Many make the mistake of focusing solely on what they want to become. They only see the end goal, thus overlook the important steps that must be taken before.

As I’ve mentioned many times, significant results require a significant investment in time. You must be prepared for the daily grind. You must be prepared to fail at times. Setbacks and obstacles are part of any challenging journey. Don’t be fooled to believe otherwise.

To become successful, you must approach each day with the attitude that what you do today will influence tomorrow. This pattern must be maintained repeatedly day after day. The clock never stops ticking. There is always something that can be done now to benefit your future self.

Future goals are not magically achieved. What you become will depend on what you do. In some way, we are all the product of our actions. Make deliberate choices to achieve the goals that matter to you.



  1. Great post, Ross, as usual! We are all products of our past and architects of our future. Who and what we become is a result of what we do each and every day.

  2. Great video! Going to show this to my kids. I always tell them that almost anything is possible with their lives if they are willing to put in the time and focused effort.

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