Decide For Yourself (New Video)

In the video below, I discusses the importance of deciding for yourself exactly what you want to accomplish, rather than letting someone else dictate how you live your life.


“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” – Flora Whittemore


  1. Hahaha 20 years is too old for boxing ??? I’m 39 and I’ve started with sweet science two months ago. Will I be best on the planet ? No. But I do enjoy every minute of my training. That’s why I do it.

  2. Good thing you have shared i like this video physical activities should be a part of our daily this is what i really liked about this video like we don’t do much stuff in routine life by by watching this we can actually see the importance of being physically fit.

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  3. Reminds me of a quote of Bruce Lee’s: “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations, nor are you in this world to live up to mine.”

    It’s good to hear this. It’s always bothered me when someone says ‘I can’t’ do something. It’s like a challenge. No matter what it is.

    To walk the higher road is to walk alone most days. Having to turn family and friends down when they want to go out and eat or have fun when it’s time for me to train…I am told, “Just this once isn’t going to matter,” -the looks I get when I say, “Yes it will,” aren’t exactly kind.

    Thanks for sharing Ross.

  4. I began boxing at 21 and did very well as an amatuer. The best thing about boxing is you will never regret one minute you spend in the ring. The majority of the world will never step between those ropes even once let alone day after day! You are in a very small group when you have and that is a great group to be in. The world will always attempt to crush your dreams. Keep your hands up and moving forward!!

  5. God damn right Ross! Great message. Many of these guys really value your opinion and i think is wonderful that you take advantage of that for the very positive benefit of reaching them. Good for you broth

  6. Ross, you’re not only a very strong person physically, but most importantly you are a very strong person mentally. It is so refreshing in this world of “haters” and negative people to see a person with your spirit and mindset. There are so many people out there who thrive on seeing others fail. It sure is refreshing as hell to see someone like you who is willing to share your knowledge and encouragement, no strings attached. Thanks.

  7. I was a mogul skier. I took out both of my ACLs. The orthopedic surgeon said the insurers hesitate to replace these at your age (47). Why don’t you do physical therapy for 6 months and take up snowboarding?

    Fast forward to me at 61 and grey with a tray. I jump, do simply tricks, and now ride switch with my nephew.

    More fun than skiing ever was.

  8. Great video, good no-nonsense advice.

    I am one of those “could have, should have” people. Time to give another go.

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