What They Said Doesn’t Matter

The video below serves as a powerful rebuttal to those who have foolishly proclaimed what cannot be accomplished.

Certain people feel obligated to place an imaginary ceiling on the potential of others. Rather than working to better themselves, these dream snatchers invest their time towards telling others what can or cannot be done. Dream snatchers come in all shapes and sizes. They could be friends, family, coaches, or teachers. Often times, the dream snatcher is someone who previously failed, thus takes comfort in seeing others do the same.

Speaking from experience, I have known plenty of people that I thought were friends who secretly wanted me to fail. Perhaps their desire to see me fail was fueled by jealousy or frustration over their own misfortunes. Regardless of the motive, I have never been one to believe the opinions of others. Instead, I would rather be seen as the foolish person who believes he can do the impossible. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Maybe I will fail at times but I am sure that I will accomplish much more than I would have otherwise.

Why waste time trying to limit what someone else would like to accomplish? Speaking as a parent, I have instilled in my children that they can go as far as they are willing to go. I am not about to tell anyone what can or cannot be accomplished. We all deserve the right to find out for ourselves. It is not for me to decide what someone else can achieve.

No one lives inside your body. No one knows you better than you. Don’t let someone else rent a space inside your head to halt your attempts at doing what they believe is impossible. Take a chance and find out. If you are persistent enough, you will likely surprise yourself and those around you.


“Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember – the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.” – Zig Ziglar


  1. There is another message here, and that is don’t be that dream snatcher. Don’t hope to be the king of the weak; Hope for a world where every one is stronger, smarter, faster than you, because that is a better world. And what could be more motivating?

  2. Damn! Inspirational article and you nail it. You should think about writing motivational books to go along with your training books. Unfortunately, there are “haters” in abundance and it seems like they’re breeding out of control as time goes on. Honestly, it seems like a sign of the times because I can’t think of another time of my life that I can remember so many hateful, self-centered, negative people out there like we have now. Just take a look at some of the well meaning vids people put on Youtube and take a gander at the comments. Keep up the good work it’s refreshing to read articles like this in this day and time.

  3. As we all automatically tend to compare ourselves with people around us, e.g. in job, it is often hard to remain focused on ones personal goals and not get distracted by other people telling you what these goals should look like and where are the limits.

    You make me realize that I set my goals on being better than average and the even more important thing, why I did that. This highly motivates me to review my goals.

    So, thank you very much for this entry.

  4. Bill Cosby, the noted celebrity, comedian, actor, public speaker, community activist, once said, “I do not know the #1 key to success. But I do know the #1 key to failure, is trying to please everyone.”

    This is a habit all men and women need to break out of.

    You can’t go through you entire life trying to be a people pleaser.

    Doing this throughout your life lets the opinionated insults and subjective criticisms negatively affect you.

    This causes you to be overly concerned about being liked by others and freaking out if you don’t please everyone you come in contact with.

    A strong desire for a high degree of popularity among everyone you meet is an unrealistic goal.

    It’s not even a worthy goal.

    For example, you’re never gonna please people who are in favor of illegal performance enhancing drugs and simultaneously please people who are against illegal performance enhancing drugs. You have to take a stance.

    Either you’re in favor of the use of illegal drugs or you’re against it. By virtue of one stance or the other you’re going to naturally provoke criticism from whatever group you’re not aligning with.

    You have to realize that your principles, your values and ethics play such an important part on what you stand for.

    And what you stand for ultimately leads to the results you get in life. Are the results you’re getting making your heart sing or are they causing you to have an ulcer? You get to choose so choose well.

    Thank You Ross for reminding of a lesson I can’t be reminded enough of!

  5. Ross, you are a rare breed. A dinosaur. In today’s world of “weaken the bully instead of empowering the weak” you are a beacon of reality. Obesity and most of the related health complications can be helped first and foremost with attitude. The attitude you display and portray. Obviously I’m biased since this is how I’ve lived my life! Kudos to you and stay strong!Thank you for your continued inspiration!!!

  6. I liked some of the video’s examples better than others, but some good stuff there for sure. One type of ‘champion’ that usually isn’t celebrated quite so much as other kinds is a parent who models love and commitment toward his/her children all their life. Like almost any worthwhile aspiration, parenting (or quality parenting)isn’t for cowards or those wanting the easy path. I love my dad for all he has done for me.

  7. A post full of truth.
    The worst is when people start to believe the naysayers.

    People with so much potential lose it all because they didn’t believe in themselves, and let some random person tell them that they can’t do it.

    Let the average people keep their limits, we don’t need them.

  8. God Bless you, Sir! (I’m not actually religious..)

    You do speak a solid truth, and it’s a shame that so many people are like that, but it’s no hope wishing! It’s also pretty sad how many people allow these people to demolish their dreams, even though they can do so much better..

    I guess it can give that extra level of motivation when someone disbelieves in you, but I’d still rather have the support of close family and friends..

  9. Thank you very much, Ross! There are some moments in our lives that videos like that make you search a little deeper in your soul and find that much needed courage to keep on!

  10. people who say things cant be done to others are low level.Similar to those who criticise and put others down on various aspects in life

  11. Brilliant as always Ross , inspired me to take tonight’s class to depths that is unknown to them and to install self belief within at all times .

  12. Brilliant as always Ross , inspired me to take tonight’s class to depths that is unknown to them and to install self belief within at all times .

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