The Decision To Change

The following image was recently posted to my Facebook page. The man seen on the left side is the same shredded man who is pictured on the right.

A description of the image can be found next (courtesy of the man pictured above).

Clearly, Levi’s transformation is nothing short of amazing. I am incredibly honored to be mentioned in his note as someone who assisted in his journey. With that said, I am not sharing Levi’s story to pat myself on the back. What I would rather do is use his example to highlight four key points. In doing so, perhaps others can find inspiration from Levi as they begin their own transformation.

I. Forget Quick Fixes

First and foremost, it is important to understand that significant changes in body composition do not happen overnight.  Levi’s transformation was not an overnight miracle. As mentioned above, he lost 72 pounds in the first year. 365 days is a long time, particularly when you push yourself each day in the gym.

It has been over six years since Levi decided to change and he is still working hard. Once he started, he never stopped. Getting in shape is only the beginning. Staying in shape requires a lifelong commitment.

Quick fixes are a marketing creation. They don’t exist in the real world.

II. Commitment

The weight did not come off randomly or by accident. Levi had to make significant lifestyle changes and invest hours and hours into training. He worked extremely hard for every pound that was lost and every ounce of strength that was gained.

As stated by the man himself,

“The journey wasn’t easy – literal blood, sweat, and tears … and puke.”

Levi busted his ass in the gym and overhauled his life outside of the gym. He understood that it was his choice to improve. No one could do it for him. Levi had to commit himself to change.

We all possess the ability to change. Unfortunately, the desire to change is different than committing yourself to the task. Wanting it is different than doing it. And choosing to change is an ongoing process. It is not something that happens once. You must continually commit yourself to improve.

III. Sacrifice

Losing as much weight as Levi did requires sacrifice. You cannot live the way that you have been living all along. Changes must be made. You must hold yourself accountable for your actions. There may be days when you are tempted to give up. There may be days when you question whether or not you can continue. How you answer these questions often depends on another question.

How bad do you want it?

Such a question may sound a bit cliché, but the answer is still as meaningful as ever. If you want to change, you will change. How much you are willing to give dictates what you will receive. Are you willing to commit yourself 100 percent, day after day? That is what it takes. Anyone who says otherwise is either full of sh*t or just plain clueless.

If you are not willing to make the necessary sacrifice, you do not want it as bad as you think. Such a statement may not be popular to the masses, but the truth rarely is.

If you want something, go get it. If the results are not happening, take it upon yourself to make more significant changes. If you want someone to blame, look in the mirror. You control what you eat. You control what you drink. You control when you train. You control how hard you work. It is up to you to decide.

How bad do you want it?

IV. Everything Works

Don’t get lost in unnecessary complexity. Almost anything works if you put in the work. The tools that you use do not determine whether you fail or succeed. Anyone who suggests that you need a particular tool to improve is likely connected to the tool financially.

How you use what you use matters more than anything else. There are success stories with just about every possible training device in existence. There are also countless success stories from individuals who train with nothing but their own bodyweight. I myself have used free weights, odd objects, bodyweight exercise, and more. I have had success with each as I work hard with whatever I am using.

Levi’s success was not based on a particular tool. His success was based on his desire to improve. He worked extremely hard with the basics. He didn’t need fancy equipment to lose weight and gain strength. Once again, the basics work if you work hard with them. You is the key term, not the exercises or tools that you choose.

Concluding Thoughts

Levi is a real life example of a hard working husband and father who completely changed his life. His pictures above should give hope to anyone who may be currently struggling to lose weight. Don’t be fooled by your own doubt. We all have moments of weakness. It is human nature. Fortunately, we also possess the strength within to overcome our own doubts.

The work will not be easy, but nothing worth having is easy to acquire. If you want something, go get it. Don’t waste time talking or fantasizing about it. Start putting in the work and the results will eventually follow.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


  1. Put the responsibility back where it belongs. Mate if mine just turned his life around in a similar fashion and was amazing to say the least. Levi, you’re a man among men. Well done

  2. Amazing physical transformation. Kinda puzzled about the “before” picture. Don’t quite get the holding the shoe in one hand, bloody knee, and sledgehammer in the other hand. Even though this guy was quite large and somewhat overweight you could tell he still had a lot of muscle mass despite the large percentage of body fat. So instead of being a 300lb blob of blubber, Levi definitely looks like he was no stranger to the weight room even though he might have been neglecting the other aspects of fitness like diet, cardio, stretching, etc. So at least he didn’t come from a completely sedentary lifestyle. Obviously he transformed his training and more than likely eschewed the powerlifting or heavy weightlifting in favor of training designed to lean him out and promote fat loss, not to mention I’m sure he dumped the breads, pasta, doughnuts, cheesburgers, fries, pizzas, etc., for a much cleaner diet.

  3. This is amazing now I have to see this same type of drive within myself, anmd I have been lazy. I workout but in spurts, I want a long drive burning like coals in a furnace. This guy is the real deal!!!

  4. Great story. I have to second Levi’s comment about finding the right exercise. I have been off and on with my working out. I recently wanted to get back into shape and started with P90x. While the routine is a great and challenging routine, I really don’t enjoy working out in my living room in front of a TV. I was lucky enough to find a real boxing gym nearby and have been pushing myself much harder than when it was just me in front of the TV.

  5. Hello, 12 months ago my life also began to change at first quite by accident, i was offered i free session with a trainer when i joined a gym …for a bit of a lazy swim…. I was size 16 with no confidence and remember to my shame telling him i had had a galaxy chocolate bar for my breakfast. i loved the session and booked 4 more, they nearly killed me!!. Thanks to his kindness , motivation whatever it was i found something inside that had been lost through being a wife and mother to 8 kids for 25 years…… now i train everyday for at least 3 hours the more the better, my nutrition is great and I’ve gone to a dress size 6/8 , more importantly next weekend i hopefully qualify as a personal trainer, my life has changed so much i ant to help others and again my trainer has encouraged and helped me every step of the way, hopefully we will soon be working together, i have not worked outside the home since my first child was born ,25 years ago, Iam so excited. he also introduced me to your site which inspires and motivates me and also makes me smile, Your story ,the decision to change is so true, i can really relate to it, and life is so much better when you do make that decision…..thankyou Ross:) Christine Ashcroft…Im on your Facebook and love your stuff…we kind of think the same ..!!!

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