Standing Ab Wheel Rollouts – Form Clarification

Below is a new video tutorial where I discuss two common mistakes made when performing standing rollouts with an abdominal wheel.

I also demonstrate a simple modification that can be made to increase the difficulty of the standing rollout.


“You have to do what others won’t to achieve what others don’t.”


  1. @Ross, have you ever had an athlete try using the straddled (that is, with the legs spread) version of the roll out to progress to the full standing roll out?

  2. It’s amazing how pieces of equipment like the abdominal wheel have become quite popular after years of being regulated to ridicule or stuffed away in someone’s closet. It’s almost like doing a bodyweight pullover where it not only targets the abdominals but also gives the lats, shoulders, chest and triceps a great workout also. Antiquated tools of fitness like pegboards, monkey bars, rope climbing, abdominal wheels, kettlebells, Indian/Persian clubs have made a big comeback after decades of non-use.

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