1. Bringing ten dolaar or walmart ball filled with water into the house is a really, really bad idea. The results could be catastrophic. I’d on use that thing outside or spend the money on a bust proof ball a Duraball.

    1. I’ve had these water balls for several years now. I believe I purchased them as the “anti burst” type. They are common and still inexpensive to purchase. The last time I was in Marshall’s I saw them being sold for less than $10.

  2. They make gigantic heavyweight medicine balls that would eliminate the “bust” factor. Of course you wouldn’t reap the benefits of wrestling with an constantly shifting factor like sand or water, but it would produce very similar results. I’ve read about medicine balls weighing all the way up to 300lbs.

  3. Ross,

    To help avoid the freezing, you could mix the water with antifreeze I suppose. Since you have family and pets, I would use one of those fancy environmentally safe ones that is supposed to be more health conscious just incase it broke when you werent around.

    Or, if you were crazy, you can put salt in. I looked it up, and if you did a 20% mix by weight (20 lbs of salt!), the water inside wouldnt freeze until -20C or -4F. If it doesnt get that cold there, you could use less salt.

  4. APT sells a 300 pound medicine ball for around $2000. They also sell a 100 pound med ball for a few hundred dollars. I’ll pass. I’ve had the water balls I made for years now and have NEVER had one break/burst.

    Most of the opinions that I’ve read about durability come from those who have never used/made one.

  5. Damn! I had know idea those medicine balls were that expensive. You could buy a lot of weights, and other fitness gear for $2000. I had read about former UFC champion Chuck Liddell doing some exercises like squatting and picking up a 120-pounder and heaving it against a wall using a two handed chest pass. I think Liddell credited this exercise for adding to his punching power. I know a VersaClimber is expensive, but I don’t know exactly how much, but if I were to spend $2000 on a piece of exercise equipment I would choose it over some huge medicine ball.

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