The Encyclopedia of Indian Physical Culture

The Sandow Plus site recently added an electronic copy of another well known text from the past. Below you can download over 700 pages from The Encyclopedia of Indian Physical Culture.

Please note that the file size is quite large (over 150 megabytes). To download the file, right click the link below and choose the Save Target As or Save Link As option.

The Encyclopedia of Indian Physical Culture


“What we call wisdom is the result of all the wisdom of past ages. Our best institutions are like young trees growing upon the roots of the old trunks that have crumbled away.” – Henry Ward Beecher


  1. My favorite line or paragraph is on page XVIII, ” You were meant to have a fine looking strong and super healthy hody. God cannot be pleased with the ugly, unhealthy, weak and flabby bodies. It is a sacrilege not to possess a fine, shapely, healthy body. It is a crime against oneself and against our country to
    be weak and ailing. Our оwn future and that of our Nation depend upon good health and enough strength.”

    It’s harsh but says a lot and our nation should adopt something similar. It’s not ok to be unhealthy. They may have to leave the “God” part out though.

  2. Thanks. Very interested in Indian Physical Culture. Wonder how long before macebells and clubs become the next new old school new style of training replacing the kettlebells as the latest way to train. I don’t think wearing those large doughnut shape stones around your neck will catch on, however.

  3. Couple of good vids albeit very short of Karl Gotch performing exercises with Indian clubs and mace on Youtube. Youtube: Karl Gotch Indian/Persian Club Training and also on Youtube: Karl Gotch-Mace Swinging Demo. Vids are very short but just an interesting tid-bit to this article and past articles featuring Gotch. On an somewhat related note and just for laughs, came across this character who goes by the moniker/name of “Baba the Cosmic Barber.” This guy is I guess the Babe Ruth of the art of the Indian head massage, check out some of this guys vids on Youtube also. Never heard of an Indian head massage before but this Baba’s version is hysterical, but at the same time looks very relaxing. I’m guessing this guy could come to the States and make millions off rich and wealthy people who would go for their weekly head massage for stress relief.

  4. Thank you Ross….
    I appreciate the resources you have continued to post over the years…. Much appreciated and literally life-saving.

  5. I have looked over this book…Amazing. What a resource. I will send this book to my father-in-law who will love it…..(His father was a bodyguard to one of the sponsors of printing of this book (1950)…) I will be spending a while reading it. Thanks for resurrecting a classic training manual, and a piece of my cultural history that was otherwise not available to me or my family……

  6. It’s funny how in today’s world we seem to forget the things from the past that really worked. People seem to forget that once upon a time, something like running water was a miracle. The wisdom of the past has been forgotten. This is especially true in a world of processed foods. People seem to not realize what is “healthy” anymore, and manufacturers sugar-coat (no pun intended) there packaging to make things seem healthy. I am anxious to read through this. It might help me with my current physical transformation. I have given up all processed foods, and eliminated all refined sugars from my diet. All I have to say is “WOW”

  7. Thanks for this incredible resource . I checked out the short gotch youtube vids mentioned above and came across some amazing club and mace videos by you tube channel KTTRAINTOWIN…. By far the best ive seen . I am ordering The Physical Body today

  8. This is a very extensive and awesome book and I’m immensely grateful I found this very old gem! I am an Indian and feel both proud and ashamed. Proud cos of my ancestry and their involvement and care in taking care of their bodies. Ashamed cos I see the exact opposite (in extremes too) today. I, being a person who takes care of his fitness, find the careless attitude of my fellow countrymen repulsive. :/

    Btw, did anyone note that the print in this electronic copy is quite illegible. I mean most of it can be read and understood and I understood quite a lot of words in Hindi/ Sanskrit that might not be understood by a foreigner. But still, is it just me or the book is all in black and white and not very clear?

  9. Also, does anyone know any book or resource where they mention in detail the diet followed by ancient Indians? Some book like this one may be..

  10. Uh, just as an edit to my first comment. The pictures in this copy are also not clear. Can’t understand what the person in the pictures is doing. Again is it just some glitch I am getting somehow or is the copy just like this?

    1. This is an old post which referenced the Sandowplus site (which was later taken down after the founder passed away). It looks like the Sandowplus domain is coming back, but there is still work to be done. The previous copy that was posted was quite readable. The file is massive however, so I’m not sure if it will be hosted again or not.

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