Tennis Ball Reaction Training

The video below shows how to make an inexpensive tool (elastic head ball) to train hand-eye coordination. Although the video is not in English, the instructions are simple enough. All that you’ll need is a hat, a tennis ball, and an elastic cord.

Kostya Tszyu is one fighter who often trained with a similar device. You can see an example at the 10 second mark below:

Vasyl Lomachenko can also be seen using something similar here:

As for applications, such a drill can be a fun addition to your training arsenal. Aside from the hand-eye coordination benefits, it is also useful that this drill will not be strenuous to the body. You can easily include some reaction training with this tool without detracting from your primary training objectives.


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  1. Hey, I like the dudes from especially for they portrait of Jordan Jovtchev on the wall right to their pull up bar! Maybe you can come out with some article about him here in this website. I don’t ever thing there is some better motivation in gymnastics than him! (I’ll come up with some article in my blog these days too)
    Just to pull the news – Jordan Jovtchev just qualified for the olympics in London 2012! So he will participate in olympics for sixth time, which is absolute record for a gymnast! (during the olympics he’ll be 39)

  2. Ross, i know its not in english but where would you get a cord like that from and how did they attach it to the hat and ball?

  3. This seems like an ideal replacement for those who have mastered the double-end bag and are no longer challenged by it. The gym I go to is very challenged for space, so that may be another reason. Any thoughts ?

  4. Seems more practical to just use the regular speed bag and the double-end speed bag. Remember years ago watching Pipino Cuevas dribble/slap a raquet ball ala Rocky III in training.

  5. Boxers definitely come up with some weird training exercises, another non conventional spin on traditional training I witnessed about the same time period as Pipino’s raquet ball thingy, was diminutive fireplug former jr. midd/mdiddleweight contender James “Hardrock” Green swatting bubbles blown by his trainer from one of those kiddie bubble blowing plastic containers.

  6. It is brilliant and fun exercise. I use it regularly to supply my training.

    It is also great while I learn something (currently for tests for example) and need to stay focused. I make short rests (5 – 10 minutes) punching tennis ball and when I start studying again, my mind is much sharper. Try it, works perfect.

  7. I found a cord like this at a local arts and crafts store and just tied it around the tennis ball. Takes some time to get comfortable with this device but just tying it around the ball really tight or making 2 slits with a razor side by side and then lacing the cord through would also work.

  8. I just made one of this and its way too hard even to hit 2 continuous punches… what am I doing wrong here?

    1. Nothing wrong, you just have a fast cord. It makes it challenging, but certainly doable. You just need more practice with it. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be beneficial.

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