Amputee Returns to Powerlifting

Ali McWeeny was featured on this blog once before. The original link can be found here. Her story is so incredible however that she is more than worthy of another entry. Below is a new video that was recently sent to me. Much more of her training can be seen within.

Be prepared to discard any excuse that you’ve used before…


“Keep your excuses to yourself – nobody cares.” – Dave Tate


  1. Again….I’m speechles.
    Everytime I feel like “maybe not today”……you hit me in the face with some incredible story/personlike this.

    Thank You Ross

  2. This girl is friggin’ awesome. I am going to have my daughters watch this video so they can see real strength. You go girl!

  3. I’ve had hissy fits at breaking a bone in my foot, knowing i’ll be out of commission for 6-8 weeks. Then I see this. what a baby I am. I can’t imagine how strong her leg must be doing those one-legged squats. Simply incredible!!!

  4. Once again, this is a very inspirational account.

    While the fictional/movie speeches that are occaisionally posted are interesting, it is the real-life accounts that are the most meaningful in my opinion.

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