Outdoor Pull-up Station

Below are two videos that were recently emailed to me. Within the first video, you will see a brief tutorial that shows how to make a strong outdoor pull-up station.

The specifications for the pull-up station are listed below:

2.03 solid stainless steel bar (34-35mm)
2 x 3.7M (100mm x 100mm x 4mm) Galvanized posts
2 Galvanized Post caps
0.6m concrete mix (25MPA X 14mm Stones)

Hole dimensions:
500mm x 500mm x 1.2m deep
Distance between posts (inside) 1.7m
Distance from ground to bar is 2.5m (Plenty of room for legs to hang even if >6″ tall)

A video of the bar in action can be seen next:


For more homemade equipment ideas, please refer to the link below:

Homemade Exercise Equipment Archives


  1. If folks would spend a few bucks on something like this they wouldnt need to buy every freaking gadget they see and let it collect dust. Then again those types might let this collect dust as well.Sad

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