Inspiration from George Hood

George Hood isn’t the typical 54 year old man. He is everything but ordinary. He once jumped rope for over 13 hours (setting a world record). Another time he rode a stationary bike for over 222 hours. At the time, that too was a world record and his efforts raised over $25,000 for a memorial fund for an American soldier who was killed in Afghanistan.

Most recently, George Hood shattered yet another Guinness World Record. This time he held the abdominal plank position for 1 hour, 20 minutes and 5.01 seconds.

The video below highlights his extraordinary accomplishment.

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As you’ll see within the video, George Hood did not stroll through the challenge. He had to battle through each minute. In his own words,

“The spasms were taking over, and I couldn’t control the shaking. I couldn’t spit, and I burped up some acid and knew I was getting thirsty and dehydrated.”

As for the purpose of this entry, I’m certainly not suggesting that we all train to the point of extreme exhaustion and dehydration. You can however learn some valuable lessons from George Hood. First, he clearly believes in himself and is able to fight through what others would consider impossible and unbearable fatigue. There is almost always more gas in the tank than you realize.

He also didn’t need a miracle core training infomercial product to break the record. What he needed was mental toughness and a relentless desire to succeed. Those attributes alone will often outweigh the significance of everything else.

If you are a competitive athlete, the time will come when you must push through your comfort zone and thrive in an uncomfortable environment. If you are not mentally prepared, it won’t matter how well conditioned your body is. Either suck it up or pack your bags and go home.

George Hood clearly knows how to suck it up and blast through his comfort zone. We can all benefit and learn from his example of relentless perseverance and mental toughness.


“Endurance is patience concentrated.” – Thomas Carlyle


  1. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hood a few years ago when he deployed with my unit to Afghanistan. He is definitely the real deal.

  2. Wow. Very impressive. I have no interest myself in holding a plank for an extended time but I goes to show you, as some research that came out the other day said; frailty with age is not necessary. It is simple older people stop doing things.

  3. Thank you again Ross. Today is my 50th birthday and I hit it hard in my TRX Suspension class I intruct weekly. I led and particapated in a 50 rep workout w/500 rope jumps in between exercises to go non stop for 50 minutes….Kick ass to say the least. This kind of stuff gets my blood boiling and if anyone needs a lift…see what is possible even as we all get older 🙂
    Regard, Al

  4. Ross,

    The mind is a powerful tool. What an amazing feat!

    Great inspiration, if not a bit humbling. I can’t imagine holding a plank for that long.


  5. This post really sheds light on the fact that mental toughness, and focus is what will get to any of your goals in life. People are always looking for the easy way out, or as you stated that “core infomercial product”, when they really need to look within themselves to get where they want to go in life. Thanks for the great read!

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