Inspiration from Brock Mealer

Below is a powerful story about a man (Brock Mealer) who was involved in a tragic accident that left him with a 1 percent chance to ever walk again. Words cannot do justice to the story, so all that I can do is encourage you to take a few moments to watch.

It certainly puts our own bumps and bruises into perspective.

A related video can also be seen here:

Brock Mealer


“I have woven a parachute out of everything broken.” – William Stafford


  1. This is an amazing story. Being that I live in Ann Arbor only brings home the reality that there are heroes EVERYWHERE.

  2. What a beautiful story of the strength of the human spirit. When you see all the agony, pain , and turmoil in the world, you only have to watch this short film to realize that that we have to become like Brock Mealer, and we can overcome anything. Thanks for sharing Ross. I cant stop watching this film.

  3. Even though I am a Buckeye fan, I have the utmost respect for the dedication of the Michigan staff that helped Brock. I salute Brock for all his hard work and pray for the entire family that they will be blessed moving forward. GO BROCK…GO BLUE…except when playing the Scarlet and Gray 🙂 You are an inspiration to us all.

  4. wow, thank you for sharing that story.
    pretty intense to watch, I almost cried (ok ok… I did crie…)

  5. Very inspirational. Makes me realize how insignificant my problems are and that the only limitations are those we place upon ourselves. Thanks for sharing this story.

  6. Thanks for sharing the story Ross! It really gave me a better perspective of my own trials/problems. They don’t even match up to what Brock went through. He’s really an inspiration to us all.

  7. …this guy is an inspiration. great example of how a dedicated team, hard work and a focused goal achieves sometimes thought impossible results.

    This video made my day – another great post, cheers Ross.

  8. Amazing history of hard work and perseverence! It makes us think that our problems are realy easy! Amazing! Just amazing!

  9. Coach “He’s going to overcome a situation that he was placed in. He made no mistake to make it happen, he did nothing wrong” Awesome words! Awesome human spirit! Thanks Ross and thank you for this website, I’ve been following your posts for your years and love them! They make a difference in my life and I’m sure thousands of others. Please don’t stop!

  10. This is a great example of how “statistics” are not everything. I was told that I could not match into a highly selective medical profession because my score was too low and that I should choose an “alternative” field despite the rest of my application. Hard work counts for everything and I refuse to believe that I cannot choose a career simply because someone refuses to look past a number. People will tell you all sorts of things, but at the end of the day, you make the choice to do or not do and no one can take that away from you.

  11. Wow! That one hit’s close to home. My best friend’s Dad has the same injury from a car accident. But he is in is 60s and though it has been 4 years, he has still never given up hope of walking again. He trains so hard every day and is stronger than most people who aren’t paralyzed. He works with a great PT and ever so slowly does things physically that he never could before. I have faith one day he will walk too.

  12. Well that shut me up in the middle of bitching about my day at work. Perspective is a hell of a thing
    Awe inspiring story thanks Ross
    Also is it just me or does his coach have the greatest voice ever.

  13. There are so many stories of people overcoming adversities, this one made me cry. To over come such tragedy and then to be so generous to tell the story is humbling. I’m just getting back to working out, after surviving a bout with cancer, like Brock, even though I became very sick from the treatment itself, which I didn’t know at the time apparently almost killed me, it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t survive.

    It’s been 4 years since cancer stripped me of my livelihood, my identity, and my dignity. It’s been a long struggle back, emotionally and physically. Brock, my heart and love go out to you. Thank you for this story, it affirms in me that one should never give up. It’s all coming back, slowly but surely, one day at a time. Your story is truly amazing and inspiring. Again thank you for sharing it with us.

  14. Are there any news regarding Brock Mealer?

    I saw the video when it first was on your blog and now some time went past and it would be awesome to hear about his present state and training.

  15. Seeing what people are capable of makes you really think ‘damn, if he can do that…i can do this’. I have signed up for the tough mudder in may and have been scared ever since. then i read about veterans that have MS that are doing the tough mudder-of men that have lost a limb while fighting for freedom doing the tough mudder. How could I wain on my motivation hearing stories like these?!

  16. The word “achievement” is defined as the ability to overcome obstacles.

    Quite the inspiring story. My niece was born with cerebral palsy and has trouble walking, but she has one of the highest sprits and attitudes among kids her age that I’ve seen. Just the other day she said to her mom she likes her limp (from CP) because it’s like a dance that tells part of her story.

    I’ve heard many doctors pin percentages on people before, saying only 1% chance or 0.015% chance, etc. But for that one person, it was a 100% chance. So who is to really say or determine the final outcome? Many doctors are only aware of a fraction of what is possible. They don’t understand many things about the body.

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