Vasyl Lomachenko – A Future Champion

Vasyl Lomachenko is one of the greatest amateur boxers of all time. He has already captured one Olympic gold medal and plans to add another in London in 2012. I’m sure I speak for many when expressing my excitement over his eventual professional debut.

Below is a recent feature story about his amateur success.

You can also see footage of Vasyl training in the video below. It should come as no surprise that the greatest amateur fighter in the modern era relies on many traditional methods. Within the video, you will see him perform pull-ups, dips, weighted rope climbs, medicine ball throws, neck bridges, jump rope, and bag work. This all comes on top of loads of sparring, mitt work, and actual competitions of course. He even spars with multiple partners at times to help develop reactions (as seen here).

In summary, Vasyl is yet another example of a dominant fighter who thrives on the basics. He works hard, focuses primarily on the sport itself, and performs time tested movements for the bulk of his supplemental training.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci


  1. In the second video, Vasyl says the workout shown is called the “meat”, he does it on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in preparation for a fight. Otherwise, he says he does not work out this hard.
    He also says that the Ukraining boxing federation normally gives a stipend for winning important tournaments (does not say how much). Vasyl received a stipend for winning the Olympics, but got nothing for winning the European and World Championships. He was told that he already has enough after the Olympics. However, he received that white Mercedes as a gift for winning the World Championship.

  2. to translate some in the second video:

    he did 61 pull-ups
    and 10 one arms (5 each arm changing)

    (I would say quite untypical for boxer to have such pull up strength)

  3. Thanks for bringing him to my radar Ross. The Olympics are in my back yard (not literally) and we’ve secured tickets to one of the boxing rounds, so hopefully we’ll see him.

  4. Bombero, I wouldn’t be going and making any big wagers on that just yet. His amateur career is amazing, but it’s still an amateur career. This says it best:

    In boxing, professional and amateurs have different rules. Amateurs fight for only 4 rounds, safety first, helmet wearing, win by points game. Professional boxing is a bloody, 10 to 12 rounds try-to-win-by-knockout game. Because of this, the Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA) continues to restrict participation in the Olympics to amateur boxers.

  5. The video of him sparring multiple people is nuts. I have never seen that. I am a female boxer and I know the challenge of good sparring with just one partner. This is something I might have to try. Thanks!

  6. He won the Val Barker award along with a gold medal. I remember seeing videos of him doing slip drills with a tennis ball tied to a string attached to his hat. He’s got a great, promising future, but I’d love to see him turn pro sooner. We don’t need another Rigondeaux on our hands.

  7. Just watched the first video. Ignore my comment about the Val Barker trophy.

    Someone crunch some numbers and see who has the more impressive amateur record Vasyl or Rigo.

  8. Nice to see my hometown Odessa on this blog)
    Lomachenko actually from Belgord-Dnestrovski, small town near Odessa, but he’s the pride of the whole country anyway

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