Simple Advice For Trainers

Below is a short video of boxing trainer Nazim Richardson. Within the clip, he shares some simple advice for aspiring trainers. And while his message may sound like common sense, I’ve come across many trainers who do everything but heed his advice. Rather than working to better their athletes, they seem to waste more time telling everyone what is wrong with every trainer but themselves.

A trainer’s job isn’t to highlight the faults that he sees within every other coach. If you need to step on someone to elevate yourself, it is only a matter of time before you come crashing down.

The message here should be quite clear. Focus on improving your athletes.  Living as a hater doesn’t benefit anyone. If you are passionate about your athletes, let your work and their success speak for itself.

Anyone with legitimate talent doesn’t need to tarnish others to market himself.


“It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help.” – Judith Martin


  1. Great advice Ross…the thanks should actually go out to Nazim Richardson…so thanks Nazim. I believe that our personal trainers need to grow up a bit. Most of them are youngsters and the because of that, the general trend of all PTs is very immature.

  2. Nazim makes alot of sense. Don’t live as a hater-it’s a waste of time and talent. Very good stuff (as always) Ross.

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