1. This is a perfect solution for me, especially right now as I am trying to strengthen my hamstrings prior to knee surgery and had no room for making the wooden weight loaded device. Cheap, simple and effective.
    Thank you Ross!!

  2. This might be a good solution for a gym setting like yours Ross. But honestly I’m not sure if anyone can find this type of stuff in a regular gym. I find leg curl machine or cable curl much easier and effective too (you can add more resistance too, whereas in the above exercise, you can’t).



  3. Bob – You say that you find a particular machine more effective, but then you also state that you don’t have these materials, thus really have no idea how effective they are (or aren’t). In addition, adding resistance is actually quite easy. You simply work with a higher tension resistance band or a single leg (which is mentioned in the video). There are multiple strengths with any major band supplier (ie. Jump Stretch, Iron Woody, etc.).

    Bands won’t even be necessary in most cases however, as most people won’t be able to perform even a few reps with a single leg at a time.

    As for “regular” gyms, I’m not catering to a commercial globo gym. You’ll never find me in one. This particular piece of equipment will only cost a few dollars though, so if someone wanted to use it, they could easily purchase it and pack it in a gym bag.

  4. I have recently recovered from an ACL (knee) surgery, and I found this exercise for your hamstring a lot more effective than using machines.

    Though, I would say that using a big gym ball is a much simpler and cheaper approach for training your hamstring. The exercise is slightly more difficult with a ball, and it can easily be advanced by just using one leg keeping the other straight up. The ball also has the advantage of training your mobility and reflexes your legs and back.


  5. Thanks buddy. I will defiantly try it out then – this would most defiantly advance my hamstring exercise. Though , it proves to be difficult to find sliders in Denmark, apparently people do not move around their stuff that often.

  6. Ross,

    I can’t recall seeing those furniture sliders around here. (I live in Brazil).

    My question: does any material that slides should suffice?
    I mean, over a hardwoord floor, maybe a small soft rug…Over a rug maybe a piece of coated, polished hardwood.

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