1. Hi Ross…nice to meet you!
    I’m Italian and I apologize for my English. Unfortunately I did not understand from the video how attach the straps to make the Doorway Pull-up Handles safety! if you can write me the process to build this I’ll be grateful!!! thanks for the advice from your site 😀

  2. @Mario – Just cut a piece of lashing strap (or something similar) and run it through two small pieces of PVC. Tie a secure knot and you are ready to go. I’d also suggest sanding down the edges of the PVC however to avoid ripping into the straps.

  3. a couple of small wedges under the bottom of the door at each end will take the stress off the door hinges. there may be an advantage in pulling up from the side that will keep the door closed ie the pvc anchor is pushing to keep door shut. OB

  4. Good idea. You could slide a small piece of wood / metal under the door to take the stress off the hinges. A $0.50 wooden door stop would do the trick. Light and easy to pack

  5. Ross,
    Always enjoy your training and home gym ideas. From experience, I think your doorway pull-up handles are a safer alternative to the doorway pull-up bars on the market.




  7. Ross,
    So glad I came across this post a month later. I do a lot of traveling, and when traveling the easiest/most effective training to do is bodyweight circuits. The biggest thing I’ve struggled with is finding a convenient way to do pull-ups without a bar. This solves it, thanks!

  8. Hi Ross,

    I live in Asia, lashing straps are difficult to come by from the hardware shops. Do you reckon it is possible to use paracords? Thanks

    1. I’m not entirely sure. The material must be thin to fit over the door without interference. The cords may be too thick.

  9. Hey I think it’s a great idea I just tried with PVC pipes and thick rope but was not successful the pipe was too weak and the strong too thick I was wondering how long did you cut the lashing strap because if it’s too short or long it wot work

    1. You just need to measure it to ensure that there is enough room to run through each handle and enough room to cover the distance between the back of the door and the front. I never did any formal measurements. I eye-balled it and cut to length based on what I needed. I’ve used the handles for several years now and they continue to work well. I was on the road last week and used them for 3 nights.

    1. @Sammy – I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t remember (it’s been a few years now). I wrapped the knots in duct tape afterward so they are hidden. I didn’t use anything fancy though.

    1. I just cut the handles slightly wider than the width of my hand (i.e. long enough to provide a comfortable gripping area). I didn’t have a precise measurement in place though. I just got up on the door and eyeballed how much length I’d need to get the straps through the handles and over the door.

  10. Hi Ross,

    Thank you for the brilliant suggestion.

    May I know, what is roughly the length for the strap to make sure it is not too long?

    1. @Nazrin – I didn’t measure a specific length. I stood up to the door and eye-balled how much length I would need to have the handles hang for me to achieve a comfortable grip. As you can see, my hands are probably around 5 inches from the top of the door. You then just need to be sure that there is also enough length to feed through each handle.

      It’s very easy to do.

  11. I just made a pair of these – great tutorial. But how do you actually use them without your fingers getting crushed between the handle and door?

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