Inspiration From Tom Hafey

Tom Hafey is a former Australian rules football player and coach. He was born on August 5th, 1931. He’ll turn 80 years old in a few weeks. Fortunately, age hasn’t slowed Tommy down. He’s still going strong, training harder than most men in their 20’s.

He’s even fooled many to believe that he’s younger than he is. Tommy recently was cast in a Jeep commercial as a 70 year old man. He had no problem playing the role of a man 10 years his junior.

As for his secret to success, you’ll be amazed at the simplistic nature of his regimen. His daily approach is outlined in the article below (well worth a read):

Unretired football legend Tom Hafey at 80

Hafey wakes up early each morning to run, swim, and then work through calisthenics such as pushups and sit-ups. He performs the workout as soon as he awakes. He then returns home to enjoy a nice breakfast.

As quoted within the article above:

“After an hour of brutal exercise he treats himself to oatmeal, fruit and a cup of tea. But no biscuits or cakes. He gave them up 37 years ago, to give his daughters an example of will power.”

Meanwhile, while Tom Hafey is out training each morning, there are folks online who would say he’s doing everything wrong. Isn’t it counterproductive to exercise before eating breakfast? Won’t repeated use of the same exercises lead to overtraining? Aren’t sit-ups dangerous? Blah, blah, blah…

As has been said before, almost anything works if you are consistent and diligent. Tom Hafey is in tremendous physical condition for his age, and always has been. He does not follow a fancy routine. He thrives on the basics and continues to push himself. This approach has worked for him throughout his life. Tommy was always known as a hard worker on and off the field. He was described as someone who made the most out of limited natural ability.

In his words,

“If it is to be, it is up to me.”

For more info about Tommy and his way of life, take a look at the interview below:


  1. Ross, thanks for sharing!

    I particularly like your point about how many folks that aren’t out there “doing” do love to sit at home and criticize. I even had to stop myself from doing it (regarding the man’s breakfast) and realize that while it’s not an approach I’d choose it’s clearly not had an adverse effect on this man’s life.

    Salute to him and his efforts.

  2. How can he do everything wrong when everybody can see what he is doing?
    Those peeps who criticize should try to live like this for a year.

    thanks for sharing

  3. love this quote about the weight set he bought 60 years ago:

    “They’re rusty now but they weigh the same”

  4. Yeah T-shirt-Tommy Hafey is a living legend in football.

    He is credited with introducing weights into the training of Aussie Rules, he also has never been a drinker, and has about 10 cups of tea a day apparently.

    Aussie Rules is (along with boxing) is one of the most all encompassing sports out there. Every fitness and strength component is required to compete at the elite level.

  5. I agree 100% with you Ross. Maybe I will follow in his footsteps. I have been doing the same routine myself for the past 30 years. Workout early am and then have breakfast. In fact, the last 5 years I’ve had my fair share of oatmeal! This is great stuff for anyone interested in taking care of themself. Thanks again.

  6. Tom looks absolutely great for a 79 year old man.I have never seen a 70-80 year old man with well developed,thick set back and shoulders like his.50 years and under,yes.70 years old and over,nope.When people talk about living a full life,this is a perfect example.Tom personifies the KISS principle with his daily workout routine.His body and appearance shows that with diligency and consistency even the simple stuff works.Good on yer,Tom.You are definitely living life.Great post,Ross.

  7. I hope that in my 80s, I’ll be in such amazing physical and mental shape.. I think even 50% would be better than most of people in my age 24 🙂 Really amazing!

  8. I’m going to refer this link to a lot of people. I have about 10 more lbs that I would like to lose and a lot of people are telling me that I just need to accept it because I am “getting old.” I am 29! I’ve lost 75% of the weight that I wanted to lose, and for the most part it was by cutting out certain snacks and exercise. Not surprisingly, those who claim that age adds weight are not exercising and refuse to cut out tasty snacks like fudge and cookies.

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