“Sandbag” Training With Rubber Mulch

Sandbag training has been discussed on the blog and forum several times before. Below is new video tutorial that offers yet another option for filling your bag.

For additional sandbag ideas, please refer to the odd object section of the homemade equipment archives.


  1. English is not my native language, so when I firstly saw this title, my first thought was like- “Who is this Rubber Mulch, I’ve never heard about him..” 😀

    Anyway- rubber mulch seems like good option to me, because it’s not so dusty and messy as classic sand. Thank you Ross!

  2. Those white navy bags, where can I buy them used or they are only offered new?

    Excellent article Ross, the rubber mulch is a far better and easier alternative than sand for big bags. Also I remember a vid from a guy that used old clothes, bed sheets, curtains, etc. to fill a big bag, he packed them very tight to fill as much as possible plus added a weight plate in the middle between the clothes to increase the weight a little more. He mentioned the bag was easier to carry and obviously easier to construct and modify later than a sand filled bag.

  3. Thank you Ross, I was looking for a filler that I would not have to use filler bags for, this looks like the one.

  4. One thing to watch out for when using rubber mulch is little bits of steel wire which may come through your bag-had that happen a couple of times now

  5. I’m working on making a bag filled with bottles (like water bottles, coke bottles, aluminum beer bottles, not glass obviously). The bottles will only be partially filled with pea gravel from Home Depot because it would be far too heavy if they were completely full of gravel. So I plan on stuffing the remaining space in the bottles with trash paper (like newspaper, etc) and hope it works out well and the bottles don’t burst or leak somehow. I will probably put the bottles into a trash bag and duct tape the outside of the bag circumferentially to help it retain more of a cylindrical shape instead of a blob-like shape.

    Rubber mulch is awesome too, just get rid of the pieces with wires in them.

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